Monday, February 24, 2014

Universal truths flowing through my fingers

Recently the focus has been so much on the divine feminine and I am now understanding that the reason is this; spirit IS the divine feminine while ego is the divine masculine. Our focus changed centuries ago to developing the divine masculine (ego) for reasons none of us really know, and in that process we neglected out divine feminine. She has waited patiently for us to return to her as she knew that we would eventually realize that there is not wholeness in this world without the balance of masculine and feminine energy. The oneness that we all speak of these days is THAT. It is the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine energy which creates us. Emotions are out of balance when the feminine energy is neglected, looked down upon, or completely ignored. While I am writing this it feels like I am teaching myself something that I have known for a long time, something that I learned far and long ago which is probably why this lifetime it comes so easy to me; I have studied universal law since I was born, and this explains why I experience so much frustration at times. I am a bodhisattva of the earth, and I have come to show compassion for the human race, and my struggle is to actually show the compassion instead of the anger. My lesson is to be humble, understand that not everybody is going to learn as quickly or even at all, that some have come down to experience other things. I have said this all before, and I will say it again and again until each and every one of my brothers and sisters is awakened to the true potential of oneself and the universe. It is vital that we give birth, rebirth to our feminine selves once more. If I can find a way to explain this process to a nonbeliever I would be considered a modern day Jesus, and there are times when I think that that may be my calling. All I know is that my connection to source is abundant and strong, and I can only get closer to the love. I ask myself "when will it finally be my turn to teach what I know" and I know that time will be soon. The more I receive from my feminine source, the more my masculine source will learn, and the better the oneness will be. My mantra: my soul and ego are one. My truth: love. Sure, I can feel the sense of worry, but that is merely somewhere inside of me that is choosing to be disconnected. I want to rekindle my connection where it is lacking. The more connected I am, the more people I can help. The more people I can help open up to better understanding of themselves and why they are here the better I will be. The more sense I can make to other people the more people I can touch. The more people I can touch more love will be spread. We must honor life, we must honor sacred tradition, without it we would not be here. The feminine came first, we cannot deny our roots. We can not deny our creator any longer. We must accept that magic within us, we must accept our ability to change. We must no longer fear love; release old patterns of doubt, release old patterns of fear. The time is now to let go of old belief systems, they no longer work in this day and age!!! Be who our mother made us to be!!! GOD IS A FEMININE AND MASCULINE ENERGY ALL IN ONE. Spirit and ego are GOD. Which means when we are whole we become god/ess.  Life is full of lies, but once you know the truth, there is no looking back. Don't let your fear tell you any differently (because it will try to, like it always does) just know that fear is an OLD belief system. Don't be afraid because you don't know, be curious and corageous enough to find the answers you need to grow! Follow your bliss, forgive others, live the sacred path, embrace your inner god/ess! The time is now! The time is NOW. 

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