Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am in the flow. I am creating the flow. I am creating my thoughts. I am creating my world. What I see is what I’ve imagined, and what I’ve imagined is what I’m dreamed. The power that humans have is unlimited, yet we must always stay true to the One. We must show gratefulness to the energy source that created us. Loving one another. Accepting one another. We are a part of the whole; the quilt to life is continuing to be sown; the veil is lifting up. Rebirth. Indigo children are what we are called. The prophets created our coming. They imagined the day the Rapture would come, and it is so close. As we continue to work as a whole, re-creating everything in a positive light, shining our knowledge on all that are willing to absorb. Within 100 years, the story of Life that we are all creating will take a turn. Infinity is clear. Death is no longer real. Fear is replaced with love. Heaven is restored. The time is Now.


As I open myself to the world, claiming that I am her property, the lighter I find my body. I am floating; suspended in the air, gliding through the darkness, and shining the light on all that is. I continue to create what is needed, and throw out what is not. My thought train is becoming less emptier with negative passengers; I am filled with positivity. The light in my head shines upon all who cross my path. The openness fills me with hope. Our home is soon to be restored. The pressure is being lifted off my shoulder; the creativity is flowing fluidly. I Am that I Am, I Am that I am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Web

The spider began to spin her web as soon as she was created. The first she created was based on instinct she was doing it correctly. She became confident when her web caught over fifty flies, but was saddened when the man came to the window seal with a dust bunny and shut her down. It didn't discourage her though, she realized the talent lied within her, and she could spin her web again anywhere she wanted, and that's what she did. Planted in the next window down, she spun her web once more and boy was she surprised when over 1000 files came to her. When you're caught in her web, you can only leave when she's ready to eat you up and digest you, or when she's ready to spit you out. Which one will she do? Who knows. Only the spider knows. To keep her creations alive, the spider lays her eggs where ever she goes, and continues to spin her web in each silhouette she passes. What is she actually doing for herself though besides existing? Is that the spider's job, to merely spin webs and watch as the flies smash into her home concocted perfectly for her to see them squander? Can she exist in other places? Can she create a web for her to gain more for herself besides the eating of the flies? The web continues to be created and destroyed, created and destroyed. Each time it is different, yet there are hints of its past life somewhere in there. The overwhelming feeling of creating only for it to be destroyed is what helps her spin the web in the first place; she loves the destruction of her web; it means she can start new again, and make it better with every strain. The creation is the tough spot. Finding the time and space for her to re-create a web is done on mere instinct and trusting that she will gain more this time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perfect Practice

Communication. Understanding. They are two in one. The unity consciousness is continuing to expand. I can feel the cuts going deeper, but the blood is flowing out faster, and the scar healing sooner. The process is continuing to manifest itself before my eye. The flower of life is blooming brighter than it has ever before. I am in the Present moment. I am playing the game in full force. Which is what we need to do. It's time for our actions to match our words. It's time to practice what we teach. The telepathic instances are becoming part of the fractile. The quilt is being sown, and the faces in the skys are becoming brighter with each breath. I can feel the end of an era at my peak, but there are a few more bumps to hurdle through. And that's exactly what we'll do. We'll feel the bumps, and heal the World. We are the prophets. We are here to restore Heaven. The time is now. I am one of many. I know more will come. Jesus is among us.

The World

Transformation. Reinvention. Recreating. Destroying of the Self. Looking at the past. Taking what is good. Understanding the only moment in Time and Space is Now. Gliding. Moving. Looking forward toward the change. Hitting the breaks. It's too fast. Can we slow it down? Where does Time lie? The heart beat. Bumpbump bumpbump. The end is near. Closer than we know, but farther away than we precieve it to be. The past has created the Now, the Now is creating in the Future, but it is all One. We are all One. One body, One mind, One sound. A representation of infinity. Human existence is the broadest of all. Can we fathom where we came from? How we got here? Logic defines the details, yet the mystery still remains as to How. The road stops here. It's a dead end. Will we ever make it to the end? Will we all get it one day? Heaven is here. Enlightenment is available. The choice is ours to believe or not.

The Big Picture

Another day, another dollar! That's what the folks on the street say when they're hustlin' and bustlin' to work. They wake up every morning around 5am, take their showers, pack the kids' lunches, and are gone to beat rush hour traffic by 630am. Society has done a fantastic job at literally buying into a reality that is not actually the real. We were told since the day we were born that we needed to go to school, eat food, buy clothes, and if we had money left over buy more things to fulfill our physical, emotional, and spiritual life, right? Well since my journey has started I had never wanted to buy into this society, but considering it was the only option given to me I bought into it. After coming back from my spiritual travels however, I can see a bit more of the Big Picture. Here's how my mornings's start. I wake up, and I look around me. The false worries about "what i'm going to do today" tend to rear its ugly head, but I quickly stop them by imagining the big picture on Earth. Some might find this quite disheartening, because in all honesty the Big Picture rips you out of your physical reality and makes you feel like a small enigma of bacteria. I download the image of the Universe in my mind, bring it back down to Mother Earth, and then I think about the 7 billion people in the world who are doing something. This thought used to be overwhelming, but now that I have re-invented myself through the power of thought I can see that the Big Picture is my escape route; it's my ladder to heaven. Realizing that we are just down here as souls, given a gift by God, to produce something great and learn some amazing lessons in order to expand the unity consciousness as a whole makes me purpose on this Earth much greater. I wake up every morning and I realize that sometimes some of the energy is not MY energy, but rather people who are sending me their energy through their thoughts about me. When I feel the worry and doubt I choose to shine God's light on it; and because I know my gift that God gave me in this lifetime I am capable of using it. I am an energy healer, I take on people's energies and I transform them within my body by shining the light on it. It's simple really. All I do is positive affirmations, my body and spirit do the rest. Life is what you make it, literally. All of your thoughts about yourself are true because YOU make them true, so why not think highly of yourself? Why not encourage yourself to become the best person you can possibly be? Why not just KNOW what that you're the best person you could possibly be? Knowledge is power, beliefs are what you make them, thoughts are your mind creating your ego. We have all the power given to us by Mother Earth and Father God to create our life however we want to, our only responsibility is to decide what we want... and life will support us. Trust and faith are the huge factors for this system of life to work. You must always trust that what you are doing is right, and there are many ways to establish trust. Faith is believing in something whether there is proof or not, and it's a complete choice. Life is better with faith and you never know something unless you try it. The decision is up to us, but the responsibility of our life is taken care of by Mother Earth and Father God. Just because we are adults now does not mean we have to taken on a ton of responsibility to do A, B, and C... when Jesus says my Father has many mansions, he ways saying "Ya niggas, check it. Don't worry about a DAMN thing, just have faith in God and he will provide for you. How do you think I walked through the desert for 40 days and 40 nights" I learned from experience, and that's the quickest way to learn let me tell you. I encourage all youngsters out there to get out, go do something, change the way you want to think, and learn from your experiences! Ask yourself the hard questions about life, doubt what other people are saying to you. All the answers for your life lie within you. Become internal so your light can shine externally. Until Next Time, -Olivia

Monday, February 25, 2013

College Girls and their parties

Well folks, we're back to it. I left Chattanooga six months ago and let me tell you, I walk back into town and I see that nothing has changed accept where the parties are held. It's always a pleasure to show my shining face to the masses on a Friday or Saturday night. I uesd to be the Queen of the Chattanooga Party Scene (and yes folks there are some crazy parties out there). My favorite experience of the CPS is definitely the part where you find that one person you see on campus all the time and you're drunk enough to say "hey I think I know you" and then you end up making out with them, and feeling super awkward about it the next morning when you wake up in his bed half naked. But before we get to that, let's talk about what it takes to be a part of the CPS. 1. You must be between the ages of 16 and 35 to enter into a CPS party house; and there everywhere. Your typical party house consists of a nice house on Fortwood, Oak, Palmetto, or anywhere near campus sometimes even in the hood of East Chattanooga, filled with posters of Fear and Loathing and Las Vegas, naked chicks, the typical poster from the movie animal that says "College" on the front of dude's shirt, and a variety of Pink Flyod, Audrey Hepburn, and other movie stars. The house always starts out clean, but once the Dreamsters hit the scene, it goes to shit. 2. Your party house must not have good parking, ever. Thank God that Chattanooga is so small you can just take a little walky walk and you'll be there within five (unless your a Freshman and live on campus, I'd suggest hitching a ride). 3. When you walk in you can either expect two things: you're the first one(s) there and the house members are pre-gaming, and if you don't know them it's kind of awkward OR you walk in and there are already 100 people at the party and the music is bumping, and shit's about to get shut down. 4. The mix you get at each party varies; you have a little bit of everything. You have the gangstas, the gangsta wannabe's, the bros, the hoes, the hipsters, the hippies, the preps, the jokes, the nerds, the spiritualists, anything you want to have you got it. The greatest part about Chattanooga is the wonderful diverse community it holds, and UTC is the main part of it. Now, back to what I was saying. Here's how it goes. You have your main circle of friends you hang out with everyday of the week, let's call them your posse. You go with your posse to the party, and then the posse grows. You end up meeting someone with cool hair, and is standing next to you being drunker than you. You start chatting with them, and they give you a sip of their drink. As the night continues they end up introducing you to ALL of their posse and the new girls and guys they have met on the balcony smoking cigs. You realize after a while and being too drunk that your friends left you so now you're hanging with the crowd you're with. You end up getting a little blury visioned, and start chatting with a guy at the party who seems cute and interested in getting ass; why not? You're a young, wild, and free UTC student and it's your right to have sexual relations drunk or sober. You end up grabbing his face in the middle of the conversation and kissing him. The make out session turns into a ride home, which turns into a sleepover. The blackout sex won't be remembered, the name was already forgotten, and the good morning breakfast will be non-existence. If you're a woman you'll recognize what you did was called a one night stand, pack your belongings and leave... if you're still a girl there are a number of things that will occur; you'll wake up and instantly conclude "cool we're totally gonna do it again" and if you play it well enough you might get what you asked for. If you're embarrassed at giving it up you might linger so you can fill the void within you that feels bad for not remembering his name, and attempt to figure out if you guys had anything in common in the first place. If you're still lacking common sense about guys you'll get his number and start blowing up his phone as if you were dating, which will turn into the disaster of the year. For anyone reading this and has experienced the typical symptoms of being a college party girl, i'm here to let you know that it's all going to be okay one day. You're probably not going to find your husband here, nor will you find your prince charming, but what you can do is respect yourself; appreciate the black out sex you had, understand that nobody is judging you but yourself, and if someone else care's they have issues of their own. You're only going to be young once this lifetime, and it doesn't last forever; but the great part is you can learn a lot from the experiences you've had as a college party girl. Speaking as one of them myself, I must say I have learned so much from the people I have met at parties; the intelligent conversations I can have with people while I'm drunk continue to blow my mind. Embrace the party scene, don't go to hard, and let your hair down it's fucking CHATTANOOGA! The greatest place to grow up in your 20s and we are all lucky enough to be here at this time and space. To all the people out there who I have yet to see on the CPS I'll be cruising this weekend, so if you see my face come and say hi! Until Next Time, -Olivia <3

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Journey: Part Two

I began using Louise Hay's book as my bible; waking up every morning and feeling my body, finding the pain, and practicing the affirmation. My life instantly started changing; I quit my job in the middle of a shift, took a weekend trip to nashville and dollywood, and within a week of school (after watching the famous book/movie The Secret) Kalika and I were in the Prius leaving for the west coast. We left without a trace, only contacting the few privleged ones who needed to know where we were going and what we were doing. I had learned that my thoughts had manifested my world, and that was all I needed to know to understand how free I was to leave and never come back. We had everything we needed to last us for a while. Although I was much better than I had been in the past two weeks, I was still living in the fear that had been installed in me since I was born; fear of survival without the comfort of my home surrounding me. My thoughts were racing because we didn't have a plan, that was my first lesson in surrendering to the mighty power. Even though I thought that my plans for this trip would turn out exactly the way I was planning them within my head, despite my doubts, my Higher Self was creating everything that NEEDED to happen to me. We landed in Las Vegas, NV at 4am two days later. Craigslist became our spot for posting for places to sleep, and when we met the man who said he would house us Kalika and I were just ready for bed. An Asian-American Army Veteran named Kevin let us into his two bedroom apartment. His house smelled of dirty socks, and an unkept bachelor pad. He told us about the arsnel of guns in his 50 ft locker in his bedroom, and assured us not to worry because he wouldn't hurt us. We gave him fake names. I was Kyiss and she was Oceania. I wanted Las Vegas to be our first stop; I was chasing my Hunter S Thompson dreams, and I wanted to see what he had seen. I had already started hallucinating from the come down of being twacked out on 20mg adderall's for the past three days, and driving, when the exhaustion took over. He said we could sleep in his room, as he attempted to hit on Oceania. "You're so cute" he would say, I would laugh. I knew she liked the attention but I couldn't get over the fact of how unsure of himself he was; he's awkward social skills took over completely when he attempted to make any sentences that were to seem flirty. After a few awkward silences and wonders about Kevin's scizhophrenic friend who was experiencing an alternate reality I pulled Oceania from the couch and we went into the room to go to sleep. I lay my head on the pillow and I allowed my mind to wander. I felt a blanket of fearful energy caress me; as I opened my eyes I could see the shadow of a man out the window. Was this really happening? I knew that my day had come, I was going to fulfill my mother's fear of being killed at the age of 21. I sat up abruptly and reached my hand over to my side to shake Kalika. We had to get out of here. "Wake up, girl" she moved but didn't open her eyes. Fuck. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. "Alright everything is okay..." I thought as I looked in the corner and saw the shadowed man once more; his top hat resembled the exact one Johnny Depp wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and his sature was much the same. As he moved his hands, I heard the voice that was attempting to contact me "Write". I knew this was it, Hunter S Thompson was contacting me and telling me to write more. I got up, turned on the light, and grabbed the keys to go get my laptop. As I walked out into the living room Kevin was laying on the couch he asked "Did I do a good job, or did I come on too fast"? I shook my head, this guy was on another planet. "Yeah, you did fine Kevin" I said in a sweet voice, brushing through to the door. I got back into the room and the shadow of Hunter was still there. "This one's for you" I said as I busted out my laptop and began typing on the book I was writing about a young American Dreamster kid who I had met over the summer. I found the paragraph I had started about Thompson's perception on the the evil that was Las Vegas. The words flew through my fingers as if I was possessed by the spirit of him. I wrote for an hour, and passed out soon after. We woke the next morning, took showers, and drove to Colorado. Hunter's spirit contacted me that night, and it would take up until the next few months into my journey for me to realize how significant my spiritual powers were. This began my journey into what I was searching for, and eventually found. Until Next Time, -Olivia

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Journey: Part One

At the beginning there was a thought, and that thought was God. It would not take long for the thought to manifest itself into the all-knowing, all powerful, omnipotence that we call God today. Now it's 2013 and we are here with our smart phones, Ipads, and facebook accounts- and God is still the most powerful thought alive. We have created many things in the history of our humanhood- from airplanes to NASA rockets shot into the vast universe- some to never return. Many go through life accepting the physical world as the only reality never once questioning the throught of God, while others break through walls and find the invisible of the world hoping to find the light which shines within them. Whichever road one takes does not matter- the point of destination, is always the same: Home. Nodobdy on this planet can deny the omniscience that is present within our lives on the daily. Many may fight over what to call our Creator, and try to define it by, sometimes beyond human-nature, rules in hopes hopes to create order in all the surrounding chaos. The truth always remains the same however, and that truth is, Love. I am here, just as many have been here before, to attempt to explain the phenomina of what God is and the reality of the power It gave us in this lifetime. Through experience, meditation, astral projection, yoga, and talks with amazing friends I have been able to put some of the puzzle peices together to the Mystery of God. I was born into the practice of Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai INternational is a sect of Nichiren Daishonin's philosophy on what the Buddhs spoke. He studied the last sutra the buddha spoke (The Lotus Sutra) and created a chanting mantra Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. The SGI took what Nichiren taught and created an organized group of millions or people over the past 250 years and has become one of the largest groups in the world. Being a part of a movement for peace, love, and equality above all at such a young age allowed me to exert my natural spiritual self in many ways. At age five I was chanting with my family, friends, and baby-sitters. I became a symbol for all the youngsters in the SGI who were not quite "there" yet, still attempting to relate the physical world to our perspective world. I was taught to use the power of the Mystic Law (another name for God) to get what I wanted in life. At 8 years old I asked my mom "Can we go to Disneyworld" she said "Why don't you chant for it" I took her advice, and with in five minutes the phone rang and my friend was on the other line asking if I could go with her family to Disneyland that weekend. I was a child, I believed in the power of the Mystic Law, I asked for what I wanted, and I got it. The sharp left turn threw me off the gravy train when my mother announced our move across the country. The trials and tribulations of my existence began at age ten. I began to recognize my mom's pain- I took it on as my own. My empathetic nature over-powereed my spiritual truths, and that's when I began getting lost within my own emotions. I started using the Mystic Law as a crutch, a sort of support-system, and that lasted for about nine years of my life. Finally after much lack of appreciation for life, being caught in the turmoil internally, pouring out externally into my life did I decide that I was going to put down the Lotus Sutra and go see what else was out there. My journey took many twists and turns, and without those experiences I would not have found myself again. As many of you know I just came back from a 5 month journey on the west coast, and although I posted some blogs not many of you really know what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. This is my testimony as to how I discovered All That Is. I had just crashed my car, dropped out of college for the second time, and lost my job. I couldn't understand why any of this was happeneing to me. I had stopped chanting as much as I should have, and my friends always encouraged me to continue because they saw that that was one of my main tools that helped me through life, being connected to my spirituality. I wouldn't listen though; I had it shoved down my throat for years upon years and I was tried of being told to "chant" and "all of your problems will go away if you just chant". I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going, and I was completely depressed. I needed a way to recover from the crumbling of my world. I had met a few people who seemed as though they could be great aspects in my life, but one stuck out the most. Her name was Kalika. The day I met her I knew that I loved her. Our relationship had taken many up's and down's but we would somehow always end up on the same page again. Soulmates was the only word I could use for our relationship. She had been raised in a very great home, with wonderful people who knew all about the Power of Positive Thinking. Her room was dected out with positive affirmations from the Louise Hay book that later became my bible. She offered me a new direction, and I knew that I had to go this way. "Can I borrow your book" I asked one day after she and I had been hanging out. "Sure" she said handed to me. I began reading the book as soon as I got home. When I opened it up, it was as though the secret I had been looking for was poppping out and screaming "YOU FOUND ME BITCH". I was estatic as to what I was reading; she talked about past lives and reincarnation; she discussed the details of how we pick our parents before we choose to come down to earth again. She took the spirituality and interwined it with the emotions, explaining them as a part of everyone life, and if not dealt with for a period of time can be stored in the body causing litterally ALL illnesses.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Teleportation anyone?

So in recent events of the world we have experienced a meteor flying into Russia killing over 1000 people. That's got me thinking... uh what the FUCK is happening? Throughout my travels I met many prophets (people who can see the future of our world through God's eyes) and had some prophetic moments of my own as well, but none of us could have called this one happening this soon! Mother Earth is trying her hardest to stay maintained and on her axis for us but it's a little hard to do when meteors are flying into her, killing some of her children? Is it an act of God? Did our human thoughts of aliens coming and the world ending in 2012 provoke this? Are are safe? Answers to all these questions are lying right inside of us, people. If you haven't progressed enough yet in life to know that your thoughts manifest your world, and the collective consciousness is a part of the One Life living through us then you're probably suprised at what I'm about to say; We are God. Not we in the sense of "Olivia, Kalika, Troy... etc" but we in the sense of the Oneness effect of life; the unity that combines us with one another... the One where we all came from. Therefore by knowing that we are now God, and by understanding that our thoughts manifest our world we can now get down to the fact of this. The collective consciousness has been filled with ideas of zombies, the world ending, alien battles, and much more violent, non-loving, scary things for quite sometime now... therefore it's no suprise that meteors are now flying into our home. If you are able to tap into it, and some people are but some people are not, you can see the big picture of the World. It's time to start accepting that we are not the only planet Earth, let alone only life form in the infinity of the universe. If we can do all things, why not start telporting to other planets? Maybe that's what the Mayan's did? Who knows? Only time can tell, and even though some can predict the future, time will ALWAYS prove you wrong. If you are living in fear, it's time to start walking toward the light within you. The unconditional love that surrounds us is apparent once you can open your eyes to it. I cannot tell anyone how to start this journey, the only thing I can do is share my journey in hopes of people wanting to find answers to the same questions that I have had and still have today. The game gets easier and easier everyday with every step I take into the future, and although meteors are flying at Mother Earth- I know that I am safe. Because I know that I am able to continue on in life. Positive affirmations are an essential part to leading a happy life; if you catch yourself thinking negatively about ANYTHING... stop, look, and listen to who you're really angry at. 10 times out or 10 you will most likely be able to resolve the issue within yourself by saying a positive affirmation. I have to get back to working on how we're going to teleport to other planets, but once I find out you guys will be the first to know. Until Next Time, -Olivia

Thursday, February 7, 2013

And we're back

Life has a funny way of taking your journey on a ride you'd never expect to be on. Last time when you all heard from me I was on my way back home from my 6 month journey on the west coast to turn myself in and clear my name of all the legalities I had. And that I did. But let's get to the important things. There is more and more I want to express each day about the wisdom I have tapped into through expanding my consciousness. Some might say I am a spiritual traveller, and I would have to agree; I allow my spirit to guide me through this life. Let's start at the beginning. At first there was the Word, and the Word was God. One who questions whether there is a God or not, let me express that I am not talking about the pagan God, I am referring to the One Life, the Unity Consciousness, the omniscience that created All That Is. The bible, the buddha, Muhammad, all the prophets that have ever come down here to preach their spiritual truths to the world are all referring to the same thing; how to tap into eternal life, eternal love, heaven, whatever you want to call it. Time and time again these prophets were lifted up and then shut down ultimately by Man in many ways, and the secret still remains as to who are were, where we come from, and why we are here. Jesus said to call upon the Holy Spirit and allow it to live through you to release all sufferings, and the Buddha said through meditation one can tap into their higher self to release all sufferings. The point both men were attempting to convey was this: The structures of this world (houses, cars, all material possessions) are not "The Real". Being attached to these things in this lifetime will ABSOLUTELY NOT bring one the ultimate happiness they are looking for. "The Real" is what will bring us to that place of ultimate happiness and bliss. Through experience I can speak of the things that have showed me what the The Real is. Many people who read my blog may have never heard of the Chakras, thus I will explain. The chakras are seven energy wheels spinning within us at all times. It starts at the bottom (being the kidney (adrenal glands) and goes all the way to the top (being the pineal gland (what makes us dream). All of the seven energy wheels have a name and a purpose to our existence in this world. Root Chakra: Adreanal glands; represent physical survival in this world, the "fight or flight" glands Sacral Chakra: The ovaries/testies; represent the sexual and emotional in this world. Solar Plexus Chakra: the pancreas; represents the creative, intuitive powers of this world. (the gut feeling one gets) Heart Chakra: the heart, represents the love of the world; where the "kingdom of heaven" lies. Throat Chakra: the tonsils, ear, nose, throat; represents the voice of the world and you. Third Eye Chakra: The pituitary gland, which is the consciousness; what allows us to be aware of the world around us Crown Chakra: the pineal gland, which is the portal to the spirit world. This is our connection to reaching other realities. When these chakras are out of balance many people's lives tend to swing in and out of chaos, however when they are lined perfectly one can become and enlightened being. There are many ways to balance these chakras, and there is absolute scientific proof that these energy wheels exist within our bodies. The approach I took to balancing my chakras was Yoga, hula-hooping, and meditation. I have discovered through these three things I am able to live a much happier healthier life than I have ever before. Ignoring your body is not the key, taking external approaches to curing yourself is ABSOLUTELY the wrong way, it only covers up the problem and does not address the core of it all. We are now moving into a time where people are starting to become more and more aware of our Earth and the shifts that are happening. The west coast is all about it, and I have come back to Chattanooga to spread my knowledge. We are in the Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius is the water barrier. Water represents healing, and that's what we are all doing as a collective whole whether you are aware or not. The time has come for us to completely heal our planet as well as ourselves. There is no time to waste anymore; it's 2013 and Babylon is only going to continue to grow more and more if we do not take action. That's all for my lesson today. I will be writing as often as I can, and as long as the One allows me to do so. Loving you guys, -Olivia