Monday, March 3, 2014

Midnight ramblings of love

There are things I learned as a child that I still incorporate in my behaviors today.  Chaos. A constant on going source of rage. Anger. Fear. Tons of it. Impatience, sooooo much of it. Crisis. However because I am an optimist I was able to see the true path that I am on. My sacred path. 

Have you ever felt that feeling of oneness? When your spirit and ego align,  and spirit tells ego something it never knew before. Epiphanies. Oh the epiphanies. Emotions. Joy. Stemming from a sense of fear. Wanting to hold my personal power back because it may just be too potent.... Untrue. A learned behavior that I saw. Rearranging of the molecular stucture of my mind, my body, my spirit. Spiraling upward. Who would want to miss the ascension??? The time when we are all looking up and down at the same time, realizing ourselves within our selves. Communicating our truths, with no judgements passing us by. Flowing. Fighting sleep like the little infant does at least once a day, like my little infant in me. Infinity, divinity. 

And now I sleep

Until next time,

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