Thursday, July 24, 2014


What is it that i feel
when my voice begins to speak inside my mind.
that little part of me that controls the time.
intuition perks.
when new things come into my fruition.
Never losing track of the moment
Ego pops in... she knows how to do the job
but sometimes she let's herself get carried away by all of the outside world
what would you expect her to do? Not play?
Soul Olivia the healer inside
The majestic flying pegasus
She wants nothing but the love she feels to be everyone's reality
Love is her reality
It was the reality of all realities
Until she realized that she was through
She was done be told what to do in this and in that
She merely wanted to be free....
and that was a fact.
The desire to love combined with hope overpowers fear on any occasion.
Any at all.
The task for you to do is FEEL and BELIEVE
Writing my own script, staying in the moment
Do what is this and what is that
Pretty soon I'll be doing a lot of thinking
Leaving this school of feeling.
Oh the wonders that it has done for me
I am can really see what it is that I now need to be.
I am a feeling creature AND  thinking creature too
I know that the two combined will make me upright and honest and thorough and true

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