Friday, January 11, 2013

is money actually necessary?

So here is the thing. I've been going, and doing, and when I started this journey 6 months ago I was with 6000$+. That money quickly vanished to the habits I had been participating in prior to finding the truth in the word of God, the Divine, Mother Earth, Universal Power, whatever you want to call it. Since the money has been gone I have had little spurts of money pop up here and there, but I have not had a steady income in months. I had created tons of debt in my past life, including almost 20,000$ in student loans. When I talk about money I feel completely numb; just as money probably feels towards humans. Money is a numb energy, it is neither here nor there, up nor down, it just is. I was camping out outside until I met a wonderful man, who can see the light just as much as I can, who decided it was in his best interest, and mine to take me under his wing and give me a home to stay in as long as he possibly could need. Now I'm here, and I'm doing, and i'm living, and i'm going, and i'm learning, and the money subject comes up once more. We as humans have created an outside source (money) to constitute our survival in this world. It has been beaten into our consciousness for centuries that unless we have money, we will amount to nothing in life, we will not contribute to the source of all good, and so on and so forth. Does God see money? Does God say "you need money to meet me"? If that is the purpose of all human existence, to find some way to end up in the state of heaven, nirvana, good karma etc. then why in the hell have we created a piece of paper to value our existence in this world? In the bible it clearly states to live by the Grace of God. God takes care of everything, and speaking through experience God has been taking care of me my whole life. The higher power that is within all of us, and lives through us, and comes to us in many ways, has been guiding me up until this point and will continue to guide me. The question for me right now in this moment, is money necessary for my survival? I have all the things I could possibly need right now, and I appreciate all that is in my vicinity to make my transition into the next level of consciousness. I just can't seem to come to a conclusion on this issue. Part of me wants to force myself to stress out about all the debt I have to pay back, and on top of it the amount of money I "need" to survive, however I know that everything is going to be okay. It's like I want to fall back into the old pattern of NOT trusting the higher Self, and seeing things from a human point of view. If there is anything that I have learned to do it is to completely surrender to the Higher Power, because whatever It wants to have happen, will happen. Money is not an necessary factor to leading a happy life, however it can make life much more comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable. Therefore, when the time is right, when all the planets are aligned, and everything is ready to shift and change, I know that I will make money in the exact way I am supposed to. I will see all things I do through spiritual eyes, which is the true real. No longer will I look at my past debts as good or bad, I will see them as they are; numbers on a piece of paper. Until Next Time, -Olivia

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