Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm coming home

If you hadn't heard the big news ladies and gents I'm COMING HOME! The funny thing about leaving a place like Chattanooga, is that when you think you're leaving forever, there's that little voice in your head that says to you "nah, you'll be back sooner or later". Throughout this journey I've been to many places that have pulled me in like a vortex would. Arcata, CA was the healing vortex that I needed when I was so stuck in the fear of what I was going to do with my life, and how I was going to achieve it. When you get into the plaza, (the center of town) and see 20+ street hippie kids chilling, smoking weed, drinking brews, and looking for acid it's a bit intimidating. But when you get into the center of the nitty gritty and begin speaking with your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity, realizing they are all there for the same reason you are (to heal), the fear seems to fade away. The redwood trees in the community forest became my family for three months. Could you imagine seeing the aura of a tree so intensely that you had to sit down and just absorb the energy being thrown at you? There is much more to be said about my six month journey, and hopefully a long long book will come out of it when the time is right. The most important lesson learned was that ANYTHING, is possible in life. Let go of all fear, live in the light, the love, the place God made for us forever ago. It's all love. Expect to see me in Chattanooga on Wednesday. :)

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