Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Vision

I've been doing life for 23 years now, and with all of it's ups and downs I have really learned a few things. Probably the most important that I have learned, and am continuing to practice is compassion. Without it, when you are in the down swing you will stay down... thus missing the point of life. I never knew how compassionate I was until I had Iris. She has forced me to learn how to have compassion for myself, so I can in return have compassion for others. It is such a sacred path that I am walking, and I have understood the spiritual aspect of my life since I was born. My intuition was built for me to never forget who I was.... I didn't want to forget. I think that writing down all of what I feel is important, and although most of my blog for the past year and a half have been documents of me doing work with my shadow, I feel like I am now transitioning out of shadow work and am now experiencing the beginning lessons of becoming a teacher. A mom, a spiritual teacher, a community teacher, a leader. This is something that I have always wanted to be, because I know I was made to be this person. My ego was the one in the way. With that being said I am going to start changing what I write about, and am now going to begin documenting the lessons on being a teacher.

Only being 3 months into this lesson, it's mostly been me letting go of the old baggage so I can break free and continue anew. I have moved in with Micheal, Satori, and Avian. We have a vision for the 3500 sq ft house we live in, and with that vision requires us to fully emerge ourselves into practicing what has been taught to us through Buddhism. If you do not know anything about the teachings of Buddhism, I first highly suggest you read a book about it (there are plenty out there) or if you want to know more about the Buddhism that I have practiced you can PM me on facebook. :) The term Boddhitsatva is definied as a soul that comes down to earth lifetime after lifetime to help the human race understand Love more. Boddhitsatva is also something that can be achieved by one who has just started the path, it is not limited to a certain group. To be a boddhitsatva one acts with compassion instead of anger no matter the situation or condition one is dealing with  I began doing this a long time ago, and left it behind for a walk on the wild side, after I came back I realized that walking the sacred path was really all that there was, and other stuff was an illusion; unproductive, and destructive. Back to my point- compassion. It's not a new concept, and in fact if you think about it, when you were a little kid didn't the grown ups around you SOMEWHERE want to teach you about compassion, or tell you to act with kindness? I know I was told at least a million times to treat others how I want to be treated, or to act with kindness.... too bad, I rarely ever saw it happen. There was always some reason for someone to be mad about something. It was weird because I was surrounded by people praciticng Buddhism, but I didn't really understand the sacred way until two years ago. It's been a process, a hard process at that, of consciously awakening to my bad behavior, and I say bad for lack of better term, and pushing myself to respond rather than react. If I am able to respond with compassion rather than react with anger the situation usually turns out much better. There is a difference between giving your power away (for instance, listening to someone tell you all what you did wrong, even though you know you didn't actually do any of those things, and feeling bad) and actually showing compassion for someone. When you give your power away you partake in the other person's suffering. When you have compassion for someone, you understand that their feelings are normal human suffering feelings, and you give them love and hope they find a way out of it. There is no need for you to suffer with them, by suffering you're not changing anything.

Now that I am driven with compassion, I have a new vision for my life... it's the same direction, just more love involved. We are wanting to help the community grow closer to the Divine. We are opening our home up as a sacred place for healing, rejuvanting, and all else that one's spirit is called to do. The new vision for our lives is not just for Iris and I, it is for the community. If you are in the chattanooga area and are interested in what we are doing here at 709 Parsons Lane, contact me.



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