Thursday, February 7, 2013

And we're back

Life has a funny way of taking your journey on a ride you'd never expect to be on. Last time when you all heard from me I was on my way back home from my 6 month journey on the west coast to turn myself in and clear my name of all the legalities I had. And that I did. But let's get to the important things. There is more and more I want to express each day about the wisdom I have tapped into through expanding my consciousness. Some might say I am a spiritual traveller, and I would have to agree; I allow my spirit to guide me through this life. Let's start at the beginning. At first there was the Word, and the Word was God. One who questions whether there is a God or not, let me express that I am not talking about the pagan God, I am referring to the One Life, the Unity Consciousness, the omniscience that created All That Is. The bible, the buddha, Muhammad, all the prophets that have ever come down here to preach their spiritual truths to the world are all referring to the same thing; how to tap into eternal life, eternal love, heaven, whatever you want to call it. Time and time again these prophets were lifted up and then shut down ultimately by Man in many ways, and the secret still remains as to who are were, where we come from, and why we are here. Jesus said to call upon the Holy Spirit and allow it to live through you to release all sufferings, and the Buddha said through meditation one can tap into their higher self to release all sufferings. The point both men were attempting to convey was this: The structures of this world (houses, cars, all material possessions) are not "The Real". Being attached to these things in this lifetime will ABSOLUTELY NOT bring one the ultimate happiness they are looking for. "The Real" is what will bring us to that place of ultimate happiness and bliss. Through experience I can speak of the things that have showed me what the The Real is. Many people who read my blog may have never heard of the Chakras, thus I will explain. The chakras are seven energy wheels spinning within us at all times. It starts at the bottom (being the kidney (adrenal glands) and goes all the way to the top (being the pineal gland (what makes us dream). All of the seven energy wheels have a name and a purpose to our existence in this world. Root Chakra: Adreanal glands; represent physical survival in this world, the "fight or flight" glands Sacral Chakra: The ovaries/testies; represent the sexual and emotional in this world. Solar Plexus Chakra: the pancreas; represents the creative, intuitive powers of this world. (the gut feeling one gets) Heart Chakra: the heart, represents the love of the world; where the "kingdom of heaven" lies. Throat Chakra: the tonsils, ear, nose, throat; represents the voice of the world and you. Third Eye Chakra: The pituitary gland, which is the consciousness; what allows us to be aware of the world around us Crown Chakra: the pineal gland, which is the portal to the spirit world. This is our connection to reaching other realities. When these chakras are out of balance many people's lives tend to swing in and out of chaos, however when they are lined perfectly one can become and enlightened being. There are many ways to balance these chakras, and there is absolute scientific proof that these energy wheels exist within our bodies. The approach I took to balancing my chakras was Yoga, hula-hooping, and meditation. I have discovered through these three things I am able to live a much happier healthier life than I have ever before. Ignoring your body is not the key, taking external approaches to curing yourself is ABSOLUTELY the wrong way, it only covers up the problem and does not address the core of it all. We are now moving into a time where people are starting to become more and more aware of our Earth and the shifts that are happening. The west coast is all about it, and I have come back to Chattanooga to spread my knowledge. We are in the Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius is the water barrier. Water represents healing, and that's what we are all doing as a collective whole whether you are aware or not. The time has come for us to completely heal our planet as well as ourselves. There is no time to waste anymore; it's 2013 and Babylon is only going to continue to grow more and more if we do not take action. That's all for my lesson today. I will be writing as often as I can, and as long as the One allows me to do so. Loving you guys, -Olivia

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