Thursday, December 19, 2013

rants and raves and tiredness

It's not just me anymore, everyone out there is seeking some sort of truth. People are tired of being lied to, people are angry that they have been taken advantage of and deemed "not worthy" without being given proper chance to even remotely show the "leaders" what we are capable of. On the other end everyone else seems to be afraid for some reason or another... the "leaders" because "their" people (yes, as if they own us) are awakening to the illusion they have portrayed for centuries, and the people because their "leaders" are threatening to no longer support their survival on this planet. What's going on here? I can't help but ask myself, why am I here on earth at this time? There is a lot that I'm feeling today, mostly tired because I'm getting ready to push a baby out, but let me see if I can make any sense of how I feel.

I sat at the DHS office for almost two hours this morning... I need help because I don't come from a family that has money, I am still a student, and I have a baby on the way. I would like to say a lot of people in the world would deem me irresponsible... and honestly I don't give two fucks what anybody else would think about the decisions I have made. As a collective whole we put sooooooooooooooooo much weight on the choices we make, granted something has to be important to us humans or else we would go crazy without having meaning of SOMETHING. But the thing is, people have made bad choices, and I am one of those people, and we shouldn't be put in a category of "less than" because of it. What happened to helping people just because you had enough? Why do all these strings have to be attached? There is such a lack of trust between the government and its people, it's fucking ridiculous. Stop lying to us and maybe we will trust you more.... that seems logical right? Fortunately it's not my job to try and figure out why the hell there is so much distrust in our society, in our world. Fortunately it is my job to find truth within my life, my realm, to take care of my responsibilities, and to not feel fucking guilty for accepting help when it is needed. Trust me, if I have to live here on earth and do this whole thing I want to do as much of it by myself as possible, but don't create a system where only some people win and others lose, create a win-win situation for all to be able to thrive. It's all about love dude, and love is not something that should be kept away, love is not something that should be earned, love is something that should be shared because there is an abundant amount of love in the world, in the universe. It's time to say goodbye to greed, it's time to say goodbye to anger. The revolution begins within; eliminate all of the negativity within you, and the world will be a better place. Evolve.

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