Monday, November 19, 2012

Ask and you shall recieve

It's been a while faithful bloggettes!! I have left the nest and started travelling again. Its funny how much help you get from others when you just ASK. That is something that I have had to learn throughout this journey; it is okay to ask your fellow humans for help, that is one of the reasons why there are so many of us. After leaving Fresno I took the greyhound bus back up to northern California. Have you ever looked around your society and imagined how small we actually are compared to the size of the universe? How small our emotional problems are? How small our body is?? Travelling does that to me. I look at my surroundings, and imagine everything as if I were in a doll house, or more like a Sims game. The lights glow brightly, but are dimmed at the same time; the wheels on the bus are hard rubber, yet they bend like clay. The people are dense their skin is solid, at the same time it is dull and squishy.  Travelling allows me to be the center of the paradox of day and night; my eyes open and I am actually living on earth freely and safely. I am without funds at the moment, and when I first got to arcata I had no place to stay. I had to trust that my boyfriend would provide for me, I had to trust myself more importantly. I am not one to walk into things blindly, however as I continue to learn more about the person that I am through my emotions, I am letting go and going with the flow; I am allowing, actually ALLOWING, myself to enjoy the pleasures of life and not feel guilty. With this attitude, and asking for help, I have received much more than the basic survival needs; I have met people who in return need my help as well. Through this I am discovering my true path this lifetime. I encourage every single one of you to take a look in the mirror and look deeply into your own eyes and see the soul that you may or may not be hiding. The true self you are is in there, fulfill his or her needs and you will be everything you want to be.

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