Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sorry for the Wait

Hey faithful readers,

Sorry for not blogging in a couple days; I have been dealing with loss. Nobody died, but friendships that ended are just now creeping up again, knocking on my door, and saying hey "deal with these emotions now or I'll kill you". It's for the better. I'm going to post a few blogs today. I know everyone out there can relate to letting go; it's something we all have to do. We love people, we think it's going to be forever, and when it's not forever we get sad, we sometimes want to die, we feel like "my life is ending right here, right now". Well, okay. Maybe that's a girls perspective, but I know there are some emo boys out there too. I had a friend, she was my soulmate, we seriously are on the same journey to life. I don't know if we always had been, or if we decided to go on the same journey because we felt as though we had known each other in a past life (Cloud Atlas: everyone needs to go see it). Anyway, our friendship is over (I'm going to end up writing a novel about it) and now it's time for me to deal with these emotions so I can go off and do something great. Here is a little insight on how I deal with my emotions; these next three blogs posted after this are going to be letters I wrote to myself I guess, so I could write them, and cry, read them and cry, and then re-read them and cry. I don't care what anybody says, CRYING IS THE MOST HELPFUL THING IN THE WORLD. You just have to know why you're crying. I encourage everyone to explore their emotions. I have this new thing when I cry, I stare at myself in the mirror and I watch my face srunch up from the tip of my chin to the top of my forhead. I stare as my eyes fill with tears, and open wide to allow them to flow. My mouth opens wide and I wale to get out all the feelings inside. It's beautiful really. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THEMSELVES CRYING. I tell myself that it's all okay, and that I'm beautiful when I cry. Emotions are a great part of life; it's something that is ACTUALLY real. I have this habit of making myself not feel when I'm afriad of my emotions; i'm breaking that habit. It only leads to more agnoy down the road when I'm in another relationship with someone and I realize I'm still not over the last, and am relating this new person to my old person. Enough about that though. I hope everyone out there is having a really great day! Leave comments and tell me how you guys deal with your emotions; do you cry? to punch walls? babies? grown men? little girls? do you not deal at all? I WANT TO KNOW.

peace, love, and all the above


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