Monday, November 12, 2012

Cloud Atlas: Non-Spoiler

IT'S MONDAY, MONNNNNNNNNNNDAAAAAAAAY! And what a fine Monday it is, my faithful bloggettes. :) This weekend was a great weekend for family, food, friends, beer, veterans, and MINDFUCK MOVIES! Cloud Atlas, a book originally written by Daniel Mitchell, was premired (i don't when it came out) to my eyes on Saturday night. The synopsis read something or other about a series of events which takes place during different time periods, and the idea that past and future lives are effected by our present life. Being the spiritual believer in reencarnation, and always having an incline in my brain that I was a Queen my past life, I was egear to see how Mitchell and the producers portrayed this ancient idea. Now, I don't want to spoil the movie for anybody, and I encourage everyone to go out and see it because it truly is amazing, but I am going to vaugely bring up some points that really got to me. Have you ever met someone, and in first instant you knew you had a conncetion to them? There was this friend I had, we're no longer friends anymore due to growing apart, but when I first met her, (and I'm not even gay) it was love at first site. The bond was instant, it was like I had known her my whole entire life; we had travelled on our journey's seperately, but together, up until the point of us meeting. I knew I was in love with her, she knew she was in love with me. We never once pondered the idea, we both just fell straight into the pattern of love that we may or may not have had in a past life, and ran with it. Until it was time to grow apart. The movie addresses this feeling; Tom Cruise plays a man from an ancient, mythical time, who meets an alien women and falls in love with her immideately... then he plays a man in the 1970s who is working for the nuclear power plant and meets the same alien (this time she is a black female reporter), and after a breif second he knows he is in love with her. To me, that begs the question, if you loved someone in a past life, are you meant to love them again? Do our souls make promises to each other that we will meet again? And when we do does that mean we will love each other again? I am a believer in Karma, and there is no doubt in my mind that our past lives have effected us in some way or another; particuarly when it comes to family. It is my belief that when we come into this Earth we choose which portal we are going to come out of (by portal I mean our mother's vagina), and we choose it based on what our soul felt as though would be appropriate for us to learn this lifetime. When it comes to love, I want to say that it's random. We are completely unconcious of who we were in our past life once we enter the world crying and screaming; our souls become new, free will is given to us, and we can begin on our journey once more. That is to say, although our past lives have SOME effect on us, it is not the ONLY thing that effects us. There are an infinite number of possiblities in a lifetime, and the choices that we make, more importantly the choices that our parents made for us before we were allowed to make choices (i'm only 21 so i've been choosing my life fully for only 3 years), has effected the moment that we are in now. Thus the only choice our past soul has for our present self is actually the family in which we are born into. The choices I made to meet the woman I was in love with were completely random; on the big grand scheme of things, if I had continued on the road I had started when I was 18, we were never supposed to meet again; it wasn't until I had finally come to the end of self-destruction did she come into my life to save me. That did not mean we were supposed to be soulmates this lifetime, but I can say in the pit of my emotions that we were soulmates before. The movie's main goal was to present to the audience that who we were before, is who we are now, and is who we are going to be later in life; which is partially true. WHO WE WERE HAS EFFECTED WHO WE ARE, but our missions change each lifetime, the only effect the past has on us is HOW we decide to make it effect us. I could have chosen to love the girl I had loved in my past life forever and until eternity, but that's not what I wanted this lifetime. Just as our body and mind changes with each lifetime, our soul progresses as well. With the progression of our soul, our future life changes as well. Thus, it is VERY important to be concious of the world around you; to realize that life is MUCH more than a lot of people make it. Life is a journey, a journey full of lessons, signs, roadblocks (that you can just jump over if you're courages enough), love, laughter, and sometimes struggle. Once we are lucky enough to overcome the sufferings of birth (past life) and death (future life) we can live this life and enjoy the flow of the universe, trusting that whereever we are going we will be happy. Cloud Atlas brought me to tears with the many martyrs portrayed during the movie; the people who came down with a mission to overcome the oppression of the greedy, fearful, powerful, society they had been born into, fulfilled thier mission and changed their entire WORLD forever. It's 2012, the wars have been faught in America, the oppression is over, we are ALL free, it now the time for the people who have been oppresed to realize that the only person REPRESSING them, is their mind. They can break free of those mental constraints, they are free to do anything and everything they want without the persecution of anyone. The acesnion is here, the time has come for peace on earth. When all of the people have realized that Heaven and Hell only exist in the mind, and what you are seeing is a direct reflection of the mindset you choose to stay in, humanity will be free, and will enter the union of God (unconditional love) forever. Cloud Atlas is the beginning of a revolution of the great awakening, and let me tell you this revolution will be the most beautiful of it all; no blood, no killings, no Hitlers and Jews, no Dafur's, just peace. For all the people who have come before me, for the person who I was before, I thank you; I thank you SO MUCH for the faith you have installed in me, for the realizations you have allowed me to see, more importantly for the battles YOU faught so I could live this easy of a life in 2012. Humanity as a whole is on the right track, and we must keep believing until the time has come for ALL of us to enjoy the world around us. Mother Earth is our home, our protector, our guide, she will only do the nessecary actions needed when she realizes her children are unhappy, not getting along, or are in need. We must trust our home planet. I could go on for days, but I don't want to give away all my universal truths in one blog, and then have nothing to say. Everyone go see Cloud Atlas, it's the greatest movie of 2012. peace, love, and all the above -Olivia

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