Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Life Should Be Shared

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This is probably about the 10th million blog I have started, but the only blog where I will be requesting donations/payment from my readers; I'm a writer, and I know people enjoy reading my writing, so why not request to make money from it, right? Creativity is hard work, and does not come easy to most. I'm putting in the effort and i'm gladly accepting love for it!

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A little bit about the woman behind the computer: My name is Olivia. I'm 21 years old, and have lived a life full of adversity, struggle, hardship, pain, and unhappiness. It wasn't until six months ago did I come to the realization that life is what we make it; it's a choice, and the choices I was making were only following a pattern deeply in-rooted in my family's behavior. Being the knowledgeable  truth-seeking, spiritual above all woman that I am, I called upon the universal power to help me find SOME direction in life. The story of how I found that direction is being told now in the novel I am writing, and will soon be published. Look out for it in 2013. I live in California and am a young travelling girl; I am currently staying with my family for the holidays, and soon to jet off again to where ever the wind takes me.

Enough about me though, let's get onto the topic of this blog for today. Have you ever thought about why in the world us humans have come to realize, since the beginning of time, how much easier it is to have someone with you to share all these experiences with? The bible has its interpretation of why there is partnership in life, and living in the Western world I would assume most of us know what it is; God created Adam first, and realized that he would need someone to play with down here on Earth, thus Eve was created. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and BAM! Humanity was made. That's a simple answer; a man's answer. But let's be honest here; how many people can look at our home planet and think A MAN created this? If you do think that, you should just stop reading now. Click the back button, and go read your blog about cooking, travelling, and other "normal" actions. As I gaze out into the morning sun, I look up to the sky, and back down to the beautiful trees covering my Grandmother's lawn; the flowers blooming, the grapes being harvested from the vineyard. I examine the fine details of how our planet was perfectly detailed for humanity to enjoy, and how each little detail has its own beauty. She is called MOTHER Earth for a reason, right? Our home planet is nurturing above all things; she gives us land to live on, food to eat, water to drink, air to breath, fire to keep warm. As I began exploring the idea of our home planet, and wondering if she in fact was the God everyone has referred to for infinite amount of years, I came back to the creation story told in the bible; If God is of male descent, if he is our farther, the must mean  Man created Woman. That boggled my mind. I couldn't wrap my head around the thought of a man pushing a baby out of his sex organ, or even thinking he had enough wisdom to create a woman. NOT to say, men are not important to this world, or that the male energy is not needed. I am discounting the fact that God is a He, a Father. Woman had to come first, woman created woman, woman created our home, Earth is our home, she is our mother, she is our GOD.

Now that we have established that woman was created first we can now go forth to the question asked first. Why do humans need other humans? So we're to the point now where our Mother has finally created herself, and of course being a woman, she needs to be desired, appreciated, told how beautiful she is all the time; she wants to see her hard work of making herself PERFECT paid off! Like a woman who creates the perfect dinner for herself but has nobody to share it with, nobody to be told how beautiful she is, she wants that affection. The other planets surrounding her (Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, etc) weren't doing it for her; they weren't appreciating her enough, thus she came up with her own solution; create beings that could be conscious of her. The animals that were created were not good enough, well... to say the least they could only appreciate SOME of their home planet, the were not able to see how hard their mother worked; they did not have the appreciation for All That Is. She tried again, and again, and again, and again (Evolution) until finally the most perfect children were created. Now, Mother Earth was created by the Universe, which I have yet to determine was male or female energy, but that's for another blog. These women were created, and these women were perfect, but they needed something else; they were so delicate and fragile, and had all the emotional waves of the moon, and could appreciate the energy of the sun, but they did not want to work. Thus, man was created. Now, we have humanity. These women could feel the love on their own, they could even choose to get pregnant on their own (again for another blog, i will explain the human mind and how it controls everything in life), but they wanted someone outside of themselves (just like mother earth) to tell them that they were pretty, loved, accepted, etc.

Fast forward to my office at my Grandmother's home in 2012. As I am sitting here, writing this blog I am currently dealing with a loss of a friend; she didn't die she merely just said "I am no longer willing to support you emotionally, it's time for you to do it yourself. I'm tired, and I'm done". My heart can't help but sink to the bottom of my stomach. My whole life (and i know other people out there feel the same) people have wondered why they have that desire to find someone to share their life with; their soul mate, companion, friend, lover. Why couldn't we just do it all ourselves? There has to be SOME reason why we have that detail. So, if we were all created out of love, that detail must have been created out of love. Sometimes our voice isn't enough; if you think about it we are with ourselves ALL of the time, 24/7 until the day we die. The voices we have in our head is our voices, our thoughts, our world. Some may wonder what other people are thinking, some may want emotional support (someone to tell them how amazing they are), or simply just someone to share all the pleasures in life with (sex, food, drink, travelling, hiking, biking, etc). What is it for you? At first for me, I wanted to make sure that what I was telling myself, all my ideas, thoughts, feelings were correct. I used people as a check mark, a way to gauge where I was in life. Then I began to use other people as a tool to see if "what i was thinking" was "what they were thinking"; I wanted to see if each spider creates the same web, or a different one. Then it came down to the emotions. The emotions are like the ocean; vast, forever, vicious, and unknown of what's below when you jump in without a life jacket. I fear my emotions more than anything, and I know I'm not alone in that matter. I needed someone to to tell me that everything was going to be okay, that I'm on the right direction, i needed someone to support me, rather than appreciate me. I became dependent on others, I saw them as my rock, the ones that keep me grounded. The truth is boys and girls, we are absolutely capable of keeping ourselves grounded; emotions do not kill us, emotions are there as a gift from our mother to make this experience on this planet REAL. Feeling is the only thing I can say that is real to me; when I feel something in my body, I know that I am alive.

Thus, finding a life partner should not be someone's goal for their entire life, because they will ultimately miss out on finding what's actually around them. LIFE SHOULD BE SHARED WITH ALL OF HUMANITY. We as humans are on that path; through the internet we have found ways to share human life without even having to be with that person, and let me tell you it's a great thing! I can share all of beautiful ideas with millions across the world just by writing; facebook has become a phenomenon of the time. Support yourself, love yourself, be yourself. You are perfect the way you are.

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