Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creative Expressions

Everything that we are doing right now, everything that is being said, done, heard, thought, felt, etc. is a form of creative expression. There are many forms of creative expressions, and each expression results in a different effect for the person expressing, and the person watching. Cause and effect; with every action there is a reaction. At a very young age I learned the law of cause and effect, and without even acknowledging I learned to allow God to create through me. God is our higher self, God is our soul, God is our light, God is our true essence begging our ego to surrender. Our ego wants to take control, our ego THINKS it knows what it's doing, and what it wants, but what our ego does not realize is that God already created a life plan for us. Our higher self has lived so many lifetimes by now, and is still in heaven with God, and therefore because our higher self lives within us we are connected to God. We can thank Jesus Christ for restoring our connection with God/higher self, and we can now bring Heaven down to earth, through us. With patience, surrender, and faith our thoughts can now be controlled by the Divine One, therefore our world is now created through the One who created the heavens and the earth is now creating our life for us! A being that created All That Is, is now CREATING MY LITTLE OLD LIFE! All I have to do is sit back, relax, and watch what's happening. Of course you take action when the time has come for you to take action, and of course you express yourself fully, but the thing is our ego wants to get in the way of all of that. It's terrified that it won't get what it wants, or everything is going to go wrong, and more importantly (this one gets me) my ego is afraid that if it stops creating, NOTHING will be created at all! It's not our faults though, which is why we were forgiven for our sins. Allow your creative expression to be guided by the One, allow your unlimited potential to flow!
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