Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Infinity. I am not too sure any of us here on this plane can comprehend what it is to be infinite.... It goes on forever and ever... and ever and ever. The infinite life exists this I am sure of, and because it is infinite it has no fears, it has no flaws, it is nothing but unconditional love. It fills me up every single day, and it shows me what needs to be dealt with.

When I was working at Abuelo's I learned a lot about my intuition (solar plexus), the revolving door that tells me how to behave in certain situations. Clarity. The revolving door was moving so fast, I am not too sure I grasped the lessons that was needed for me to learn. I must have done something right though, because getting fired was a gift. The dreams that I have about Abuelo's, and have been having for the past two weeks mostly consist of me still working there, but not really working there. Last night I was serving the food for the other servers, but I wasn't in uniform, and my housemate and his daughter were there. My housemate was holding a baby boy (which might be nugget, because Matt Horton did say it was a boy) and I served them the food... and he pointed out that I had the wrong shirt on, and I could feel that I had jeans on. I took the wrong food back, because that happened a lot there, and served them their correct food. When I walked back Marilyn and I were eating the mass amounts of food that had been sent back, because shit it was good food.

The dream changed, I was surrounded by white silk curtains and in front of me was a classical orchestra. I was wrapping myself in and out of the silk, and I felt like I shouldn't be doing that because I was pulling too hard, but I couldn't stop doing it because it felt sooo good to fully express my being in this way. I felt like a Caterpillar in a silk cocoon beginning to spread my wings as a butterfly. The music that was playing was so beautiful, and then my phone rang in real life and I woke up.

Whatever this transformation is that I'm going through, becoming my true authentic self, letting go of the judgments others place on me (and themselves), and just fully aligning with the light within myself is doing something huge to me.  I wake up feeling confused, but I know that I'm going in the right direction, so it's all going to be okay. The answers will be clear soon. I just want to make sure that I'm doing my job in the waking state as so to keep peace and harmony with the One life who wants to guide and protect me every step of the way. I am opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the One. The intuition is our driving force, our ego, our personality, our actions, our consciousness manifested in the flesh. I want to make sure my intuition is fully aligned in direct action with my soul, my destiny, and my true beliefs. I want to act as my true authentic self, I want to be known for my true authentic self.

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