Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am in the flow. I am creating the flow. I am creating my thoughts. I am creating my world. What I see is what I’ve imagined, and what I’ve imagined is what I’m dreamed. The power that humans have is unlimited, yet we must always stay true to the One. We must show gratefulness to the energy source that created us. Loving one another. Accepting one another. We are a part of the whole; the quilt to life is continuing to be sown; the veil is lifting up. Rebirth. Indigo children are what we are called. The prophets created our coming. They imagined the day the Rapture would come, and it is so close. As we continue to work as a whole, re-creating everything in a positive light, shining our knowledge on all that are willing to absorb. Within 100 years, the story of Life that we are all creating will take a turn. Infinity is clear. Death is no longer real. Fear is replaced with love. Heaven is restored. The time is Now.

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