Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Big Picture

Another day, another dollar! That's what the folks on the street say when they're hustlin' and bustlin' to work. They wake up every morning around 5am, take their showers, pack the kids' lunches, and are gone to beat rush hour traffic by 630am. Society has done a fantastic job at literally buying into a reality that is not actually the real. We were told since the day we were born that we needed to go to school, eat food, buy clothes, and if we had money left over buy more things to fulfill our physical, emotional, and spiritual life, right? Well since my journey has started I had never wanted to buy into this society, but considering it was the only option given to me I bought into it. After coming back from my spiritual travels however, I can see a bit more of the Big Picture. Here's how my mornings's start. I wake up, and I look around me. The false worries about "what i'm going to do today" tend to rear its ugly head, but I quickly stop them by imagining the big picture on Earth. Some might find this quite disheartening, because in all honesty the Big Picture rips you out of your physical reality and makes you feel like a small enigma of bacteria. I download the image of the Universe in my mind, bring it back down to Mother Earth, and then I think about the 7 billion people in the world who are doing something. This thought used to be overwhelming, but now that I have re-invented myself through the power of thought I can see that the Big Picture is my escape route; it's my ladder to heaven. Realizing that we are just down here as souls, given a gift by God, to produce something great and learn some amazing lessons in order to expand the unity consciousness as a whole makes me purpose on this Earth much greater. I wake up every morning and I realize that sometimes some of the energy is not MY energy, but rather people who are sending me their energy through their thoughts about me. When I feel the worry and doubt I choose to shine God's light on it; and because I know my gift that God gave me in this lifetime I am capable of using it. I am an energy healer, I take on people's energies and I transform them within my body by shining the light on it. It's simple really. All I do is positive affirmations, my body and spirit do the rest. Life is what you make it, literally. All of your thoughts about yourself are true because YOU make them true, so why not think highly of yourself? Why not encourage yourself to become the best person you can possibly be? Why not just KNOW what that you're the best person you could possibly be? Knowledge is power, beliefs are what you make them, thoughts are your mind creating your ego. We have all the power given to us by Mother Earth and Father God to create our life however we want to, our only responsibility is to decide what we want... and life will support us. Trust and faith are the huge factors for this system of life to work. You must always trust that what you are doing is right, and there are many ways to establish trust. Faith is believing in something whether there is proof or not, and it's a complete choice. Life is better with faith and you never know something unless you try it. The decision is up to us, but the responsibility of our life is taken care of by Mother Earth and Father God. Just because we are adults now does not mean we have to taken on a ton of responsibility to do A, B, and C... when Jesus says my Father has many mansions, he ways saying "Ya niggas, check it. Don't worry about a DAMN thing, just have faith in God and he will provide for you. How do you think I walked through the desert for 40 days and 40 nights" I learned from experience, and that's the quickest way to learn let me tell you. I encourage all youngsters out there to get out, go do something, change the way you want to think, and learn from your experiences! Ask yourself the hard questions about life, doubt what other people are saying to you. All the answers for your life lie within you. Become internal so your light can shine externally. Until Next Time, -Olivia

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