Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Journey: Part One

At the beginning there was a thought, and that thought was God. It would not take long for the thought to manifest itself into the all-knowing, all powerful, omnipotence that we call God today. Now it's 2013 and we are here with our smart phones, Ipads, and facebook accounts- and God is still the most powerful thought alive. We have created many things in the history of our humanhood- from airplanes to NASA rockets shot into the vast universe- some to never return. Many go through life accepting the physical world as the only reality never once questioning the throught of God, while others break through walls and find the invisible of the world hoping to find the light which shines within them. Whichever road one takes does not matter- the point of destination, is always the same: Home. Nodobdy on this planet can deny the omniscience that is present within our lives on the daily. Many may fight over what to call our Creator, and try to define it by, sometimes beyond human-nature, rules in hopes hopes to create order in all the surrounding chaos. The truth always remains the same however, and that truth is, Love. I am here, just as many have been here before, to attempt to explain the phenomina of what God is and the reality of the power It gave us in this lifetime. Through experience, meditation, astral projection, yoga, and talks with amazing friends I have been able to put some of the puzzle peices together to the Mystery of God. I was born into the practice of Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai INternational is a sect of Nichiren Daishonin's philosophy on what the Buddhs spoke. He studied the last sutra the buddha spoke (The Lotus Sutra) and created a chanting mantra Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. The SGI took what Nichiren taught and created an organized group of millions or people over the past 250 years and has become one of the largest groups in the world. Being a part of a movement for peace, love, and equality above all at such a young age allowed me to exert my natural spiritual self in many ways. At age five I was chanting with my family, friends, and baby-sitters. I became a symbol for all the youngsters in the SGI who were not quite "there" yet, still attempting to relate the physical world to our perspective world. I was taught to use the power of the Mystic Law (another name for God) to get what I wanted in life. At 8 years old I asked my mom "Can we go to Disneyworld" she said "Why don't you chant for it" I took her advice, and with in five minutes the phone rang and my friend was on the other line asking if I could go with her family to Disneyland that weekend. I was a child, I believed in the power of the Mystic Law, I asked for what I wanted, and I got it. The sharp left turn threw me off the gravy train when my mother announced our move across the country. The trials and tribulations of my existence began at age ten. I began to recognize my mom's pain- I took it on as my own. My empathetic nature over-powereed my spiritual truths, and that's when I began getting lost within my own emotions. I started using the Mystic Law as a crutch, a sort of support-system, and that lasted for about nine years of my life. Finally after much lack of appreciation for life, being caught in the turmoil internally, pouring out externally into my life did I decide that I was going to put down the Lotus Sutra and go see what else was out there. My journey took many twists and turns, and without those experiences I would not have found myself again. As many of you know I just came back from a 5 month journey on the west coast, and although I posted some blogs not many of you really know what ACTUALLY HAPPENED. This is my testimony as to how I discovered All That Is. I had just crashed my car, dropped out of college for the second time, and lost my job. I couldn't understand why any of this was happeneing to me. I had stopped chanting as much as I should have, and my friends always encouraged me to continue because they saw that that was one of my main tools that helped me through life, being connected to my spirituality. I wouldn't listen though; I had it shoved down my throat for years upon years and I was tried of being told to "chant" and "all of your problems will go away if you just chant". I didn't know what I was doing, where I was going, and I was completely depressed. I needed a way to recover from the crumbling of my world. I had met a few people who seemed as though they could be great aspects in my life, but one stuck out the most. Her name was Kalika. The day I met her I knew that I loved her. Our relationship had taken many up's and down's but we would somehow always end up on the same page again. Soulmates was the only word I could use for our relationship. She had been raised in a very great home, with wonderful people who knew all about the Power of Positive Thinking. Her room was dected out with positive affirmations from the Louise Hay book that later became my bible. She offered me a new direction, and I knew that I had to go this way. "Can I borrow your book" I asked one day after she and I had been hanging out. "Sure" she said handed to me. I began reading the book as soon as I got home. When I opened it up, it was as though the secret I had been looking for was poppping out and screaming "YOU FOUND ME BITCH". I was estatic as to what I was reading; she talked about past lives and reincarnation; she discussed the details of how we pick our parents before we choose to come down to earth again. She took the spirituality and interwined it with the emotions, explaining them as a part of everyone life, and if not dealt with for a period of time can be stored in the body causing litterally ALL illnesses.

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