Monday, February 18, 2013

Teleportation anyone?

So in recent events of the world we have experienced a meteor flying into Russia killing over 1000 people. That's got me thinking... uh what the FUCK is happening? Throughout my travels I met many prophets (people who can see the future of our world through God's eyes) and had some prophetic moments of my own as well, but none of us could have called this one happening this soon! Mother Earth is trying her hardest to stay maintained and on her axis for us but it's a little hard to do when meteors are flying into her, killing some of her children? Is it an act of God? Did our human thoughts of aliens coming and the world ending in 2012 provoke this? Are are safe? Answers to all these questions are lying right inside of us, people. If you haven't progressed enough yet in life to know that your thoughts manifest your world, and the collective consciousness is a part of the One Life living through us then you're probably suprised at what I'm about to say; We are God. Not we in the sense of "Olivia, Kalika, Troy... etc" but we in the sense of the Oneness effect of life; the unity that combines us with one another... the One where we all came from. Therefore by knowing that we are now God, and by understanding that our thoughts manifest our world we can now get down to the fact of this. The collective consciousness has been filled with ideas of zombies, the world ending, alien battles, and much more violent, non-loving, scary things for quite sometime now... therefore it's no suprise that meteors are now flying into our home. If you are able to tap into it, and some people are but some people are not, you can see the big picture of the World. It's time to start accepting that we are not the only planet Earth, let alone only life form in the infinity of the universe. If we can do all things, why not start telporting to other planets? Maybe that's what the Mayan's did? Who knows? Only time can tell, and even though some can predict the future, time will ALWAYS prove you wrong. If you are living in fear, it's time to start walking toward the light within you. The unconditional love that surrounds us is apparent once you can open your eyes to it. I cannot tell anyone how to start this journey, the only thing I can do is share my journey in hopes of people wanting to find answers to the same questions that I have had and still have today. The game gets easier and easier everyday with every step I take into the future, and although meteors are flying at Mother Earth- I know that I am safe. Because I know that I am able to continue on in life. Positive affirmations are an essential part to leading a happy life; if you catch yourself thinking negatively about ANYTHING... stop, look, and listen to who you're really angry at. 10 times out or 10 you will most likely be able to resolve the issue within yourself by saying a positive affirmation. I have to get back to working on how we're going to teleport to other planets, but once I find out you guys will be the first to know. Until Next Time, -Olivia

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