Friday, February 22, 2013

The Journey: Part Two

I began using Louise Hay's book as my bible; waking up every morning and feeling my body, finding the pain, and practicing the affirmation. My life instantly started changing; I quit my job in the middle of a shift, took a weekend trip to nashville and dollywood, and within a week of school (after watching the famous book/movie The Secret) Kalika and I were in the Prius leaving for the west coast. We left without a trace, only contacting the few privleged ones who needed to know where we were going and what we were doing. I had learned that my thoughts had manifested my world, and that was all I needed to know to understand how free I was to leave and never come back. We had everything we needed to last us for a while. Although I was much better than I had been in the past two weeks, I was still living in the fear that had been installed in me since I was born; fear of survival without the comfort of my home surrounding me. My thoughts were racing because we didn't have a plan, that was my first lesson in surrendering to the mighty power. Even though I thought that my plans for this trip would turn out exactly the way I was planning them within my head, despite my doubts, my Higher Self was creating everything that NEEDED to happen to me. We landed in Las Vegas, NV at 4am two days later. Craigslist became our spot for posting for places to sleep, and when we met the man who said he would house us Kalika and I were just ready for bed. An Asian-American Army Veteran named Kevin let us into his two bedroom apartment. His house smelled of dirty socks, and an unkept bachelor pad. He told us about the arsnel of guns in his 50 ft locker in his bedroom, and assured us not to worry because he wouldn't hurt us. We gave him fake names. I was Kyiss and she was Oceania. I wanted Las Vegas to be our first stop; I was chasing my Hunter S Thompson dreams, and I wanted to see what he had seen. I had already started hallucinating from the come down of being twacked out on 20mg adderall's for the past three days, and driving, when the exhaustion took over. He said we could sleep in his room, as he attempted to hit on Oceania. "You're so cute" he would say, I would laugh. I knew she liked the attention but I couldn't get over the fact of how unsure of himself he was; he's awkward social skills took over completely when he attempted to make any sentences that were to seem flirty. After a few awkward silences and wonders about Kevin's scizhophrenic friend who was experiencing an alternate reality I pulled Oceania from the couch and we went into the room to go to sleep. I lay my head on the pillow and I allowed my mind to wander. I felt a blanket of fearful energy caress me; as I opened my eyes I could see the shadow of a man out the window. Was this really happening? I knew that my day had come, I was going to fulfill my mother's fear of being killed at the age of 21. I sat up abruptly and reached my hand over to my side to shake Kalika. We had to get out of here. "Wake up, girl" she moved but didn't open her eyes. Fuck. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. "Alright everything is okay..." I thought as I looked in the corner and saw the shadowed man once more; his top hat resembled the exact one Johnny Depp wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and his sature was much the same. As he moved his hands, I heard the voice that was attempting to contact me "Write". I knew this was it, Hunter S Thompson was contacting me and telling me to write more. I got up, turned on the light, and grabbed the keys to go get my laptop. As I walked out into the living room Kevin was laying on the couch he asked "Did I do a good job, or did I come on too fast"? I shook my head, this guy was on another planet. "Yeah, you did fine Kevin" I said in a sweet voice, brushing through to the door. I got back into the room and the shadow of Hunter was still there. "This one's for you" I said as I busted out my laptop and began typing on the book I was writing about a young American Dreamster kid who I had met over the summer. I found the paragraph I had started about Thompson's perception on the the evil that was Las Vegas. The words flew through my fingers as if I was possessed by the spirit of him. I wrote for an hour, and passed out soon after. We woke the next morning, took showers, and drove to Colorado. Hunter's spirit contacted me that night, and it would take up until the next few months into my journey for me to realize how significant my spiritual powers were. This began my journey into what I was searching for, and eventually found. Until Next Time, -Olivia

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