Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Web

The spider began to spin her web as soon as she was created. The first she created was based on instinct she was doing it correctly. She became confident when her web caught over fifty flies, but was saddened when the man came to the window seal with a dust bunny and shut her down. It didn't discourage her though, she realized the talent lied within her, and she could spin her web again anywhere she wanted, and that's what she did. Planted in the next window down, she spun her web once more and boy was she surprised when over 1000 files came to her. When you're caught in her web, you can only leave when she's ready to eat you up and digest you, or when she's ready to spit you out. Which one will she do? Who knows. Only the spider knows. To keep her creations alive, the spider lays her eggs where ever she goes, and continues to spin her web in each silhouette she passes. What is she actually doing for herself though besides existing? Is that the spider's job, to merely spin webs and watch as the flies smash into her home concocted perfectly for her to see them squander? Can she exist in other places? Can she create a web for her to gain more for herself besides the eating of the flies? The web continues to be created and destroyed, created and destroyed. Each time it is different, yet there are hints of its past life somewhere in there. The overwhelming feeling of creating only for it to be destroyed is what helps her spin the web in the first place; she loves the destruction of her web; it means she can start new again, and make it better with every strain. The creation is the tough spot. Finding the time and space for her to re-create a web is done on mere instinct and trusting that she will gain more this time.

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