Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perfect Practice

Communication. Understanding. They are two in one. The unity consciousness is continuing to expand. I can feel the cuts going deeper, but the blood is flowing out faster, and the scar healing sooner. The process is continuing to manifest itself before my eye. The flower of life is blooming brighter than it has ever before. I am in the Present moment. I am playing the game in full force. Which is what we need to do. It's time for our actions to match our words. It's time to practice what we teach. The telepathic instances are becoming part of the fractile. The quilt is being sown, and the faces in the skys are becoming brighter with each breath. I can feel the end of an era at my peak, but there are a few more bumps to hurdle through. And that's exactly what we'll do. We'll feel the bumps, and heal the World. We are the prophets. We are here to restore Heaven. The time is now. I am one of many. I know more will come. Jesus is among us.

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