Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The World

Transformation. Reinvention. Recreating. Destroying of the Self. Looking at the past. Taking what is good. Understanding the only moment in Time and Space is Now. Gliding. Moving. Looking forward toward the change. Hitting the breaks. It's too fast. Can we slow it down? Where does Time lie? The heart beat. Bumpbump bumpbump. The end is near. Closer than we know, but farther away than we precieve it to be. The past has created the Now, the Now is creating in the Future, but it is all One. We are all One. One body, One mind, One sound. A representation of infinity. Human existence is the broadest of all. Can we fathom where we came from? How we got here? Logic defines the details, yet the mystery still remains as to How. The road stops here. It's a dead end. Will we ever make it to the end? Will we all get it one day? Heaven is here. Enlightenment is available. The choice is ours to believe or not.

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