Monday, February 25, 2013

College Girls and their parties

Well folks, we're back to it. I left Chattanooga six months ago and let me tell you, I walk back into town and I see that nothing has changed accept where the parties are held. It's always a pleasure to show my shining face to the masses on a Friday or Saturday night. I uesd to be the Queen of the Chattanooga Party Scene (and yes folks there are some crazy parties out there). My favorite experience of the CPS is definitely the part where you find that one person you see on campus all the time and you're drunk enough to say "hey I think I know you" and then you end up making out with them, and feeling super awkward about it the next morning when you wake up in his bed half naked. But before we get to that, let's talk about what it takes to be a part of the CPS. 1. You must be between the ages of 16 and 35 to enter into a CPS party house; and there everywhere. Your typical party house consists of a nice house on Fortwood, Oak, Palmetto, or anywhere near campus sometimes even in the hood of East Chattanooga, filled with posters of Fear and Loathing and Las Vegas, naked chicks, the typical poster from the movie animal that says "College" on the front of dude's shirt, and a variety of Pink Flyod, Audrey Hepburn, and other movie stars. The house always starts out clean, but once the Dreamsters hit the scene, it goes to shit. 2. Your party house must not have good parking, ever. Thank God that Chattanooga is so small you can just take a little walky walk and you'll be there within five (unless your a Freshman and live on campus, I'd suggest hitching a ride). 3. When you walk in you can either expect two things: you're the first one(s) there and the house members are pre-gaming, and if you don't know them it's kind of awkward OR you walk in and there are already 100 people at the party and the music is bumping, and shit's about to get shut down. 4. The mix you get at each party varies; you have a little bit of everything. You have the gangstas, the gangsta wannabe's, the bros, the hoes, the hipsters, the hippies, the preps, the jokes, the nerds, the spiritualists, anything you want to have you got it. The greatest part about Chattanooga is the wonderful diverse community it holds, and UTC is the main part of it. Now, back to what I was saying. Here's how it goes. You have your main circle of friends you hang out with everyday of the week, let's call them your posse. You go with your posse to the party, and then the posse grows. You end up meeting someone with cool hair, and is standing next to you being drunker than you. You start chatting with them, and they give you a sip of their drink. As the night continues they end up introducing you to ALL of their posse and the new girls and guys they have met on the balcony smoking cigs. You realize after a while and being too drunk that your friends left you so now you're hanging with the crowd you're with. You end up getting a little blury visioned, and start chatting with a guy at the party who seems cute and interested in getting ass; why not? You're a young, wild, and free UTC student and it's your right to have sexual relations drunk or sober. You end up grabbing his face in the middle of the conversation and kissing him. The make out session turns into a ride home, which turns into a sleepover. The blackout sex won't be remembered, the name was already forgotten, and the good morning breakfast will be non-existence. If you're a woman you'll recognize what you did was called a one night stand, pack your belongings and leave... if you're still a girl there are a number of things that will occur; you'll wake up and instantly conclude "cool we're totally gonna do it again" and if you play it well enough you might get what you asked for. If you're embarrassed at giving it up you might linger so you can fill the void within you that feels bad for not remembering his name, and attempt to figure out if you guys had anything in common in the first place. If you're still lacking common sense about guys you'll get his number and start blowing up his phone as if you were dating, which will turn into the disaster of the year. For anyone reading this and has experienced the typical symptoms of being a college party girl, i'm here to let you know that it's all going to be okay one day. You're probably not going to find your husband here, nor will you find your prince charming, but what you can do is respect yourself; appreciate the black out sex you had, understand that nobody is judging you but yourself, and if someone else care's they have issues of their own. You're only going to be young once this lifetime, and it doesn't last forever; but the great part is you can learn a lot from the experiences you've had as a college party girl. Speaking as one of them myself, I must say I have learned so much from the people I have met at parties; the intelligent conversations I can have with people while I'm drunk continue to blow my mind. Embrace the party scene, don't go to hard, and let your hair down it's fucking CHATTANOOGA! The greatest place to grow up in your 20s and we are all lucky enough to be here at this time and space. To all the people out there who I have yet to see on the CPS I'll be cruising this weekend, so if you see my face come and say hi! Until Next Time, -Olivia <3

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