Saturday, May 18, 2013

conversations with thoughts

To you: The baby growing in my womb. You are making me completely aware of my emotional body,  in fact I am so aware that I'm becoming overwhelmed with the amount of unfinished thoughts I say in a day. It's like you're awakening the part of me that is my type writer, my descriptive nature, my language. You're fluent in love, in fact so well that all I really feel most of the time is pure bliss, calm, tranquil waves of emotion on the sea shore of my life... but I must admit you do have a wonderful way of awakening the darknesses within my pain body; was it utterly necessary to point out the years of fear that has been installed in me for the past 10 years of my life? Oh yeah, I don't miss a beat... quite frankly I keep up so well with your little mind games, - wait. That was it right there. Yep. Right there. You did it, and you felt it, but... okay so it was like this.... "you just crossed a boundary you have within yourself, no biggie... the boundary, is called going down to the lower vibrations and harvesting them as a creative power that you can use". Is that what I should do then? Take all the sadness and anger that I have imagined in my life, along with the handy tool of the I Am presence (thank you Jesus), and write a novel? Write something magnificent, something great. Give myself the reward of breaking the mold FINALLY, and just coming out of my shell! Learning to fly, learning to hear my true self at all times. Gotta go, I'll talk to you again soon.
from: yo mama <3

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