Saturday, May 18, 2013

never build from your memory?

Our thoughts manifest our world, yes? We can all be in agreement of that. Our thoughts come from an outer source through the subconscious mind, the area in which the formless creates the form for us to create our physical world. The formless is the magic of life, where the dream is being built, the mental image is created, and our formless mind becomes filled with cravings as soon as we are born to our parents. Their form creates our formless mind within the first three years of us being on this planet. Through gaining more awareness, becoming more mindful, and being a down right smart person I've discovered that what's in my subconscious mind was created at a very young age, and has just continued manifesting itself because I didn't know what I know now, or how to create anything different. I think about all the hours that I watched TV, and skinny blonde and brunette girls shopping at malls, driving fancy cars, and drinking coffee with their friends in Laguna Beach, CA probably made my body "issues" or the idea that I wasn't beautiful. Where would that even come from? Because I'm not on TV living in one of the richest cities in the world I'm not a beautiful girl? Because I have curves, a little extra on the tummy, and love handles I'm not a beautiful girl? This is what's in my memory; this is what stays in my subconscious mind, thus manifesting in my emotional body, creating feelings of ugliness, sadness, and sometimes downright hatred of the way I look. Why were we taught to hate our body? Why were we taught good vs bad? Just a measurement of the darkness, light, and somewhat in between. I watched inception last night, and the movie was basically saying that once you realize that there are not only two parts of you, but three parts of you (mind, body, and spirit) create the one dream, which is why there were three settings, three levels of dreaming. In the movie at one point, when Leo's character was teaching Ellen Page to build dreams, he said not to create from your memory, and when she did that, it sparked Leo's memory... I had the theory earlier in the week that the subconscious mind is the memory, the subconscious mind is what allows our hardwired brain to perceive the past as real and the future as something to move forward to... so my question is, it is even possible to not create from your memory? That's where the blueprint of the design of our life started. And that's where my conscious mind says, "Olivia- you've been healing your past, because you know that it's impossible to completely wipe away your memory and still be a healthy person, therefore you've been going in your subconscious mind, finding the memories that were "scary" or "bad" or "emotionally tolling" and you've been shining the light on them". There are many ways to do this, but I'm saying if you want to create something AMAZING for yourself surrender to the healing power of the formless... everyone has their own gfits, and everyone's mind was built as a different program of God, but it is ultimately all one. Ego is the designer of form, ego is creating this world for us. Be nice to ego, because if you want to live in this world ego is going to live with you. Allow the formless to create your ego for you, don't allow the ego to create for itself, it has too many needs, to many things that it needs in order to feel "safe"- but like Echart Tolle said wanting to feel safe is what keeps us from expanding into our true form the most. <br> I'm going to my brothers graduation today, and I am allowing the One, the I Am presence to guide me through this all. <br> Until Next Time, <br> -Olivia

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