Monday, June 10, 2013


Well, this week is going to be the best week of MANY people's lives; that's right ladies and gents Bonnaroo is in t-minus 72 hours! People from all over the country, and maybe even the world, will be on the Manchester farm starting Wednesday afternoon!

Last year was my first year at Bonnaroo, and what a year it was. Although my coherency level quickly faded after day 2, from what I can remember of the shows I had a great time! This year I'm going to be working the show, so I get to have a whole new perspective on what Bonnaroo is actually about. There are many avenues and doorways opening up for me, and one of them is my new spot as a writer for vmremix blog. My first assignment is going to be on Bonnaroo and the shows that I get to see! I'm so pumped up!

Artists that I'm most excited to see:

1. Alt-J 
It's safe to say that I'm in love with this indie-european band. Their funky beats, and twisted lyrics caught my eye with their song breezeblocks. If you've seen the music video you were probably as mind blown as I was. To be able to see this group live should be good, my hula hooping hips are all ready in motion!

2. Passion Pit 
Or should I say Passion Hit? Their dancy beats have caught my eye since 2009 when I was a college freshman riding around smoking blunts with my friends. I remember the first time I heard them, and I know that I cried. Their hits, now played on the radio, which I think is pretty cool, have made me fall in love even more hard core...

3. MC Yogi 
He's going to be playing a DJ set list while an amazing yoga instructor from San Fransisco teaches a class! His songs about love, peace, and harmony struck my heart when I was driving across the country  learning how to love myself. His positive vibes send me goosebumps, and to be able to see him live while doing yoga will make my LIFE.

I probably won't be able to see more than these three people as I'll be working in the Crescent Foods tent, so FIND ME. I can't wait to see all your lovely faces there. :) Peace and Love.

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