Friday, June 7, 2013

Pregnant People Problems

Okay, so I haven't been pregnant that long, and I'm not really showing that much right now, but I am starting to foresee the issues I may run into along the way, and I've already had some of the normal issues as well. Seeing as I'm going to Bonnaroo this year, I'd like to highlight the problems that I'M NOT WILLING TO HAVE while sleeping in a tent with randoms that I don't know. :)

1. Morning Sickness 
-i don't know if any of you have ever woken up first thing in the morning, eaten some food, and then ran to to the toilet to reject it, but I have. I don't think I've thrown up this much since I was sick with the flu that one time in 8th grade.

-after I throw up I always get this refreshed feeling as if I had just gotten the worst poison out of my body, and I'm so thankful to be alive... and then I taste my mouth and I want to throw up again.

-I've learned not to eat things super heavy in the morning; the other morning I had the choice to eat some lasagna for breakfast, and I passed for an apple, thank God I did because the Carta Bus Driver would have had a way bigger, nastier, mess to clean up in the back of the bus... *sorry about that, btw Carta.... LOVE YOU!*

2. Tiredness
-Probably one of my main concerns is the amount of energy my body is using to create this small human inside of me, and the amount of energy Olivia needs to use to get things done... like make money, clean the house, go hiking, stuff like that.

-I haven't been too tired, but when I am I can fall asleep standing up, it doesn't matter. Sometimes I just need to lay down in the middle of the street... or whereever I am.

-I'm going to be working 10+ hour shifts at Bonnaroo, so this is going to be a true test of how much Olivia can do before she just falls asleep/develops *insert name of disease that makes people fall asleep wherever they are here*.

3. Weight Gain/Balance
-Okay, so I haven't gained weight, and I'm determined to actually lose weight during this pregnancy.... but caring another human in your body for 9 months is going to cause the balance of my body to change, and boy it has... for the better.

-If any of you reading remember me, and for those just now tuning in, I was the queen of rolling my ankles.... all the time. The incident of the 2010 Agnes Scott College Bonfire need not be remembered, but let's just say I partied like it was 1991 on an almost broken ankle thanks to the amount of alcohol I consumed. ANYWAY, I've actually been doing VERY well and feeling very balanced. It's like I have a guardian angel watching me, and every time I almost fall it catches me... it's pretty mystic, actually.

-Okay, so I already have stretch marks, but I'm NOT WILLING to get more stretch marks for this kid, so the weight gain (or should I say expansion of my belly outward) better not do that. I've been taking necessary precautions as to not get any more stretch marks by rubbing coca butter/oil on my body... and it's actually working!

My pregnant people problems sometimes transcend Time and Space when I end up dreaming about coffee, cigarettes, pizza, beer, whiskey, and all the other things I have given up so I can have a healthy baby/body. Have you ever drank whiskey while dreaming? I did this one night, and I felt so guilty, EVEN IN MY DREAM, because I was like "omg I'm pregnant and I'm drinking alcohol".  Today begins the first of 11 days that I will be working at music festivals, come see me at the VIP tent at Riverbend and on Thursday, find me behind a vendors cart at Bonnaroo! Summer time just got ten million times better.

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