Tuesday, June 18, 2013


And I'm back.
Ladies and gentlemen Bonnaroo 2013 was a complete and utter success. The many moments filled with full unconditional love, peace, joy, and harmony. The first two nights consisted of an empty Center Roo still in the set up phase, vendors and volunteers alike jamming out to music and socializing. I would have to say my favorite part about the first two days were the amount of lessons that I learned.

The first was learning how to work as a team with my two wolf pack members. A group mindset is probably the most important thing; if one person is off, the whole team is off.

The second lesson was the journey. I met a girl, and her name was Journey. A beautiful, divine expression of life that loved Mother Earth more than anything. She taught me the importance of picking up after yourself, not leaving trash on our home anymore. She was quick in her learning, focused on staying positive. She taught me about fairies, psychics, and energy healing. She accepted my true self, she believed in my true self.

The third came when I learned how to change my vibrational pattern through imagining the infinity symbol spinning within my chakra wheels. After running into an old male obsession of mine, giving him back the terrible relationship karma he had, and actually saying sorry to him and receiving an apology back, I was able to open up my heart chakra even more. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros opened their show with 40 day dream, and I balled my eyes out... for the first time I felt the beauty that was within my body. I accepted beauty in to my heart. I accepted my soul into my sacral. I was free. I am free.

The best performance was definitely Passion Pit. Being the front row and seeing the handsome men of the band truly showing their passion of music through their performance created such a positive vibe for me.

Shout out to the Little Hippie for letting me play with your LED Hoops at night; I'm pretty sure my hooping skills are going to only get better from here. Thank you so much to the yoga teachers who guided me through my practice in the mornings, I would have not been able to get through work without it.

Bonnaroo was a true gift this year, and I am so appreciative for the second gift I received a day after the positive festival; I got a job serving at Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant today. :) I am choosing to stay in good vibrations and blessing all of the wonderful brothers and sisters of humanity out there.

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