Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Truth Hurts

It took a little under a year for me to kick out the bottom, and rebuild my structure. I am so appreciative of all the lessons that I have learned, and for the patience that I received from my friends and family. I feel as though I am coming close to a closing, which will be an opening to something greater and more of what I want to do. I feel so lucky to have come this far in such a short amount of time, and am continuing to practice the laws of the universe on a day to day basis, just as we all should.

There are a few minor mistakes that I have made along the way, but there is a solution to every problem. I am making the best decisions for my life, and the truth hurts... the truth hurts, but the outcome is better. It's personal, but I feel as though my blog is known for being interpersonal, and brutally honest about the feelings I hold within. I am not going to be a mother at this time in my life, and that is the clear and final decision. Love is blind, and boy was I blinded. I guess it really hit me when we were driving home from Bonnaroo, coming around the river bend, experiencing the lights of little, quaint downtown chattanooga when I realized there was no way Micheal Manneback was going to fit into my life, nor was there ever a way for him to fit into my life. There are countless reasons, and when I got home and saw that the letters I had written him had been returned, I knew that it was over... for the better. The universe was like "girl, you know better than to even try to make a homeless man of 15 years get a job... you don't have to be the hero of your story anymore, just be you... sweet, loving, caring, Olivia".

There are many more things in store for me, and I'm so young, I wanted to live fast.... I wanted to experience 35 at 22, but that's not how it works. I'm going to be my age, I'm going to grow at my pace, I'm going to change and become better and better every step of the way.

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p.s. everyone check out my friends blog he takes NARLY pics!

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