Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's time

We get to this point in our life where we realize that we actually are becoming the voice of society; our generation are the people who are becoming the politicians, the writers, the artists, the singers, the worker bees, and the question is no longer "who will you become" it is "who are you now". I stopped the process of "who will you become" because I felt as though I wasn't on the right path, I wasn't practicing my gift, nor was I on the road to doing something I actually wanted to do. I now have a vision, and that vision is slowly but surely becoming true. One of the main goals I have is to write a novel about my travels in California and along the west coast. Getting the creative energy to flow is easy; all of the memories are there for me to write down, and the story is a beautiful one at that. I'm stuck though, I'm stuck at that crossroads of what happened, what's happening, and what's going to happen. Confusion. Not knowing if my feelings are mine or someone else's. The voices I hear in my head are not very clear, and I don't allow a lot of them to speak fully. Listening to myself. Being honest with myself. Knowing my truth vs others truths. This all factors in to the question of "who you will become". If you don't know yourself you're not going to know who you're going to become, and if you have some sort of idea of what you'd like to do you sure as hell won't be happy doing it if you never figured out what role you were to play in society.  I have many roles I can play, and it's just a matter of believing in myself, being clear with my choices on how to get there, and taking action to do it. It's the motivation, the fire that gets me going. I thought I needed love from another person to get my fire going, then I thought I needed to be pregnant to get my fire going, but now I'm starting to realize that all I need to get my fire going is... well is me. I need to do all of this stuff for myself, because I'm a creative expression of life. I get stuck at "what will others think of me" and "will they understand me", and I usually just blow those questions off, or ignore the feeling that it gives me... I seek approval, because this is an approval based society. Society approves of a lot if you really think about it, considering the amount of roles there are you can play.... and society is going to approve of the roles I'm choosing to play this lifetime. I'm going to be a certified reiki healer, massage therapist, writer, and spiritual speaker.   I can start at any time, and the time is now to start. I am already all of those things, but I'm acutally going to express this to the world.

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