Monday, March 25, 2013

changing winds

So I love the curve balls being thrown at me right now. It's like I'm a warrior and everyone is like "Olivia, take more responsibility, we want to see you be responsible" and I'm all like "Alright, you need to see it.... let's put these words into action". As far as being responsible goes I've learned how to be irresponsible. Not only have I accumulated tons of debt for a 22 year old gal, but I've also am guilty of being irresponsible in the past with money. In other areas I'm super responsible. I'm great at finding jobs, and I'm always on time, I know how to apply for school, and I know the one secret that everyone in the world should know but doesn't; the thoughts that I am thinking are responsible for making my world, and once I weed out all the ill thoughts that have been fed to me since I was a kid (no offense, we're all victims of victims) I can now take responsibility for my life. Through becoming responsible for my life I am now becoming the controlling factor in all of what happens to me. I am in control of how I react to others, I am responsible for my income and my nessecities, but the great part about it is I know how safe I am! I am so grateful for my travels out west, because it taught me to trust the Divine wisdom that is ultimately guiding us all, and to know that if I am capable of letting go of things that I already have, they'll always come back. I let go of it all. I release all these emotions because they were never mine to begin with; this body is a rental, this body is the emotions, this body is what gives us the taste of life. We are all so attached to this body and the image that we portray, and it's understandable as to why we would want to be, it's the only thing that makes it real! But what people do not understand is that our body, mind, and soul all need to be working together in order to have a harmonious relationship with yourself, as well as others. The mind is the controller of the body, but the body reacts to the mind, and sometimes the body does it's own thing when it needs to get a poison out and the mind isn't helping. The soul is what's inhabiting both, and these two are our vehicles to a successful life in this world. We should not be attached to the mind nor the body, because ultimately both are constantly changing... and we can choose to go with the flow, or we can fight the flow; and when we fight the flow with our mind or with our body, our soul gets lost; we forget where we came from. We forget who we really are. We find ourselves in the drama of life, and we are actually playing the part rather than watching ourselves play the part from birds eye view. Becoming an enlightened being is no easy task; in order to do so you must let go of everything that you've ever thought was yours, and start your walk with God. If you give it away, it doesn't feel as bad as if it were taken... That's all what we're down here learning; give and take. Mother Earth donating her entire body to allow us to play on her; and through that we developed the mind, and with the mind as our tool our soul was able to come down and experience the taste of life. The winds are changing, and I'm allowing the magic to unfold. I know that whatever happens, it's all gravy baby!
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