Thursday, March 21, 2013

It happened, just as it always does.

We destroyed ourselves... well at least we tried.
In a matter of three months of a summer we were all done with what we had created, and it was over.
Some were sad.
Some were mad.
Some didn't give a shit.
Others were just ready to fucking go.
Now it's march, and the family we have created hasn't talked in months.
It was supposed to be this way.
We created it this way.
I created it this way.
I wanted nothing to do with any of you anymore, but didn't know how to speak to myself in a way less destructive.
Hearts were broken.
Shit that wasn't mine in the first place was taken.
I found what I wanted to find.
We all found what we wanted.
sure the road was a biiiit bumpy, and we thought we were never gonna get off the rollercoaster.
But guess what?
It happened, just as it always does.
I took those steps knowing that one day I'd be okay.
I let it go, everyday or every second...
I let it go.
It feels gone.
And I'm okay with that.
I realized how easy it was to close the door, wave goodbye, and let go of the guilt of doing so.
Spring is here.
Winter is gone.
The birds are chripping,
and this season I'm going to sing along.

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