Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Real

I have been on this journey since January 29th, 1991; the day I was born. Under a lunar elcipse my mom's stomach was cut open, and I was pulled out with seceptors, due to me holding onto her instense. I didn't want to come out. Through mediation I have discovered what it was like to be in the womb, and why and how and where and when all these little personality traits that I have came from. I know who Olivia is, and I know that I have no original thought of "my own" because the truth is we ALL pull from the same thought form, creating our lives completely intertwined, becoming One.

Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? I'm not talking about the words the make up who we are; the I'm a cheerleader, I'm a wife, I'm a husband, I'm an actor... because in real reality we are ALL all of those things. I'm talking about have you ever asked yourself who your soul is? Many have, and if you're reading my blog I know you know that I have. I know where Olivia came from; and she is the body and the mind... but even then she does not own those things, because the body is owned by Mother Earth, and the mind is owned by Father Sun (the body is the feminine and the consciousness is the masculine). If you know anything about the chakras Mother Earth's love comes from the root up, and Father Sun's love comes from the crown down, meeting her in the heart where their love affair begins. Sidenote, sorry. Anyways, what I was saying was this; How do we find out who our soul is? Psychics have told me they can see the images of my past lives written all over my round face; I was a follower of the Buddha, I was a yogi in India, I was a Veitnam fighter piolot who died in war, and I believe all of those things... I believe them because I can take the settings from this lifetime, put the puzzle peices together, and say "Yeah, that makes sense as to why I was born a Buddhist this lifetime". But now I'm to the point where not much else outside of me can tell me who my soul is; the time has come for me to go within. I am ready to SEE who my soul is.

I know I can reach my soul through meditation, and the upper three chakras, but there are many medicines out there that have been used by shamans for milleinums that can help the process. One of those medicines is DMT. Deimethyltriptamine is probably the most powreful psychedelic drug on the market, but in actuality it is the opening of the window to the soul. I have smoked it many times, but have never broken through (which proves how powerful the mind is; I was still in a state of fear of who I really was when I smoked it therefore I used my mind to stay grounded in this Earth), but I have heard many experiences of people who have. Some good, some bad, but it's what we make it.

The soul is what we actually consist of; it's where our individuality comes from, our differences, our gifts, and I"m beginning to believe in Zombie Theory, that some humans are only body and mind, but have no soul, and because of this Jesus was correct when he said approxmently 144,000 of us are actually of God and his children (the number is probably more than that, but not all of us our The Real). I must trust myself in order to meet my soul, and in doing that I must leave my mind and body behinding, knowing they will be here when I get back. If any of you have experienced who you REALLY are please let me know what your experience was like.

Poetry is on the way.


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