Friday, March 22, 2013

The Wind

it blows you one way, then the next thing you know you're creating your life.
every thought is manifesting before your eyes
every breath you take is another switch in direction.
The awareness of the vibrations.
the expressions of life running through you.
given too much power too quickly, you might be afraid of what you can actually do...
next thing you know, things are actually happening to you...
and it's ALL REAL.
The wind creates balance.
The balance creates synchronicity.
With these forces you can take control of your life.
God gives you the power he created, and through accepting this power, we have the opportunity to become God.
We are no longer God's creation, we are a part of the creating with God.
As the wind blows, I continue to go with the flow.
Growing accepting learning.
I am safe.

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