Thursday, March 7, 2013


In life everyone goes through many tests; emotional tests, spiritual tests, and of course the mental tests. Growing up you learn from your parents how to handle all these tests, as well as friends and teachers and peers. When a test arises in your future, you most likely are going to take it the way you were taught to take it, which may not be the easiest or best way to do so. When it comes to emotional tests I am always thrown a curveball with anger. I have no idea how to react to someone who is angry other than be their mirror; I react in anger as well. The energy that is being thrown at me is incomputable, and pure raw emotion. I can be honest in saying much work needs to be done on my reaction times. Tests create results. Results are your proof that you're doing good or you're doing bad (but neither one is better, duality put aside). Through these results we can decide whether our technique needs improvement, or if it is perfect the way it is. If you are closed to change, good things may happen, but the flow will wash over you, and you may drown. If you are open to change, the flow takes you with it, and you are able to swim up stream easily and effortlessly. How you take these tests is all a choice; if you forget your pencil I'm sure someone is there to help you find one. Don't be afraid to ask for help on your test (all of what we learned in school aside, sometimes you NEED help, even if you studied). We never know what's going to be on the test, even if we have a study guide, or a gut feeling; The Devil is in the details. It all comes down to the moment; when you're in the present tense you realize what's actually going on. Once you can see where the currents are going to take you if you choose to react instantly or hang back and observe, your results will turn out based on the action you took to pass the test. Balance. Watch yourself. Watch others. Listen to yourself. Listen to others. It's all balance. The deep answers lie within you, unbury them and utilize them in the real world. Until next time, -Olivia


  1. anger is my test too!!! it's the worst. you might like this book:

    <3 chelsie

  2. aww yes Thich Nhat Hanh what a good man. :)