Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creative Power

Recently my roommate and I have started to take in the homeless; it's been an interesting joureny thus far. Our first experience was with a random ICP (Insane Clown Posse) junkie named Joe. He was 18 years old, and had come from West Virginia to the homeless shelter right across the way. Being the loving person I am, I invited him to come on to the porch... and being the loving person Troy is, he invited him to live with us. I had yet to set boundaries for my life, so I went with the flow. It wasn't until after the late nights of him staying up playing zombie games on the X-Box and watching porn whenever did I change my mind about the situation. The night all the 16 year old girls came over to "have a party" Joe came in the room and said "Hey do I look okay" and that was my first taste of being a mother to an 18 year old kid... I said "yes, honey! you look great" and later threw up after he walked out of the room. I knew I couldn't ask all these little kids to leave, so I created the exit scene within my mind; I began with mantras... "I want all of these little girls to leave, and joe to go with them" I repeated these words to the flow of my mind, and when it felt right I went and tackled the setting. I took the girls chair in the corner and sat next to Troy. As I watched as they all interacted I continued repeating the mantra, and when nothing seemed to move as quickly as I wanted I began swimming with the flow. "Hey, I'm ready to go to bed so when you guys are ready please leave" I said matter of factly. They responded immideately and next thing you know Troy and I were in the car driving them to the hotel. As we drove off I felt an exhilirating rush of pleasure, I had just proved to myself how powerful my creativeness was. Now I'm sitting here in my apartment with a Train Kid I met this afternoon; his name is Matthew and he is 28. He has been hopping trains for two years, and HATES authority. "I fucking hate society dude, they expect you to fix in this box and they suck your soul out of you!" His aggression showed in a sensitive way, he knew how to respect other people. His stories of the amount of deaths he had seen frightened him when he talked about it, but never wanted to stop hopping trains... it was way too addicting, and a way of life. What he hadn't realized was that he had created a broken home for himself within his mind with no windows and no doors. He wanted a way out, I offered him the key to his heart; God. God comes in many forms, I gave him a shower, a place to sleep, food, coffee, water, weed, and even through in some reiki. That's when I realized, that the key can be given to anyone, and EVERYONE but it is our DECISION/CHOICE to use it. Free will is real, and having a peace of mind is a choice. You can not force anyone to make the choice, and few will enter into passage way. You must have faith that there is something out there that will give you everything you want, you must trust your creative power. You must trust your own voice within your own head. The choice is yours, will you use the key, or will you save it for another day, month, year, life?

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