Saturday, March 30, 2013

Standing on tables at McDonald's

Well New Orleans, LA was our first stop; then we decided to head back to Chattanooga to grab a few things, and I have finally made the decision to go to Florida to be with my partner. But that's not where we're at right now. Just outside of Atlanta, GA have absolutely no money, and we are taking the negative energy from our bodies and transforming into gasoline so we can fuel our trip (if you don't believe in magic, i'm sorry). We decided to stop at the McDonald's (of course, where else would we go) so I could message my friend on the FB and see if we could crash at her place.
I would like to start off by thanking McDonald's for having wifi and a table for me to sit at. As I was logging onto facebook a youngster of the age of 4 let his excitement get the best of him, and allowed his beautiful star balloon to fly up to the ceiling. I was pleasantly reading my messages, and being bold, helpful Olivia I decided to pop my head in and ask "I bet I can get it". I absolutely love climbing things, it's one of my hobbies (esp when I'm in restuarants), and I stood on the railing to reach for the balloon. My joy and excitement of standing got the best of me...
And I didn't fall.
Instead I knocked the balloon to the other side of the ceiling, residing over the table I had been sitting at.
"would it be okay if I just stood on this table" I didn't want my nasty bottom of the black flip flops I've been rocking since Burbon Street to mess up the delicacy of the McDonald's table, and besides what would customers think of a hippie/gpysy queen from Chattanooga, TN standing on a table? Regardless of my doubts, I was supported by the desperate mother to help her young tike, so I stood on the table and made myself known to all the hick-bums enjoying their mcdoubles and fries.
My short lived fame landed me in no trouble, and I was deeply appreciated by the mother and her young tike. Standing on tables to help the needy at McDonald's is the beginning of this journey I'm embarking on, and "I am opening up in deep surrender to the illuminate light of the one". I know that whereever I am going, whatever I am doing that it's all going to be okay and everything I need to have happen is happening. I am the creator of my world, and I allow God to create for me. I will be in and out of blog service- but every single time I write I plan to talk of my travels, and express myself creatively. I'm so appreciative of the internet, I can now document all of the experiences I'm going to have and share them with my friends!
Until next time,

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