Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Truth

It's what I seek.
More than anything do I care about is the truth.

Once you know the truth, you realize how easy it is to forget the details of the truth.

As I was watching a documentary with my friends about how Martin Luther King Jr. struggled so hard to do so much throughout his battle that he felt as if he had only moved boulders, and had not reached the level of which what he wanted; and it was this: to live in a place where God created ultimate peace. He wanted to understand why there was so much evil in his brothers and sisters. He understood the collective-consciousness, he knew the only way to unite the people was to explain to people the One way. Think about this; Martin Luther King Jr was a preacher, and most likely a prophet of God. He knew spirituality like the back of his hand... he knew he was God's instrument, and he knew his dream was big and he wanted to share it. The adversity of Blacks needed a strong, faithful man to pull them up the ladder, and he ended up getting shot. Not many people knew of the dream when he began preaching of. Martin Luther King Jr knew of the chakra system, and he knew how to become an enlightened being. Martin knew that his thoughts manifested his world, that everything he was thinking was becoming true right before his eyes. Martin knew where he was going, and he knew how he was going to get it. He wanted to see the TRUE Heaven that was created by God. His dream was of peace, love, happiness, joy and full pleasure. He understood the reality of the past his people had come from, the past his family had come from. He saw the suffering, he understood that something major had to be done in order to achieve greater racial equality in the United States... and to allow his people to awaken to the amazing life that was created for ALL PEOPLE to enjoy. He wanted to communicate his message clearly, he wanted people to understand that everything they were thinking, saying, doing, and feeling was manifesting before their eyes, and due to their resisting of change to realize that God (Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the South... GOD) was INSIDE THEM. And in order to FULLY LIVE you must access the power through the chakra system... through eating healthy, through yoga, through contemplation, through meditation, through witchcraft, through SOMETHING OTHER THAN GOING TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY AND EATING A TON OF FATTY FOOD BECAUSE IT'S COMFORTABLE. It's about time the South wake up to the ways of the groovy west coast... that's right put away your tractors, and get your asses online and start looking up stuff that can help you understand the ACTUAL phenomena OF WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. We are the Indigo Children, we are the ones who are here to recreate the big dreams that are finally coming to a close so we can move forward. We are the beginning of the generation to completely change the human consciousness. Our ancestors are watching, they are encouraging us to move forward with our lives in love, praise, gratitude, and joy; to re-create everything in a positive way. There is no reason for life to not be changing constantly, there is no reason to turn on your fear senses and be afraid of what's happening to you. It's happening, and those of you who know out there what I'm talking about, you also know that it starts within you. In order for a full shift in an entire population to happen there must be many, but the few who know what they are doing must stick close together. The time is now to create peace. We are here now to create an amazing truth about life, and the answers will flow through us as we continue to open up to the one life. We are here to create a love land, a safe haven. a place where there is healing everywhere. Martin wasn't the only person who understood; Plato, Decartes, Nitchize, Buddha, Jesus, for decades people have known the Secret. The doors being opened are only continuing to expand, and the learning curve is continuing to swing down. We are gaining more and more knowledge from within ourselves, and are now are able to contact our ancestors who have been here many many times before to help us understand if we are doing it better. God has opened the door, and now the winds are changing. They will only continuing changing. The game of life is not to meant to be taken as a literal lifestyle, the only lifestyle; we are made as a human race to grow and to expand, and there are many ways to find the expansion. The Truth will be revealed. Just you wait.

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