Monday, March 18, 2013

What the fuck, I'm going to the moon?!

It's 2013. We've done a lot of amazing stuff on this planet we call Earth. From electricity to lamborginui's it's been a wild ride in the progression of human kind on Earth. She has taken so much of our negative energy we have produced since the Beginning and harvested it within her own body (causing volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes to occur) eventually having to spit out all of the (think about inhaling and exhaling) energy killing her children as sacrifice. She's tired. We've used her for so long. And now she is ready for us to leave- so she can be created new. That's right folks- the end of the world is here; there is nothing more to be harvested on Earth. Our supplies are low, our people are moving slower than before, and it's time that the conscious one's take action. There is so much space int he world, but what about all the time and space in the universe that has YET to be explored? What if there are other Earth's we can explore with much more to offer? A planet with enough space to create loving experiences freely and openly. A planet where paradise exists everyday. In this lifetime I will be leading a group of people on a space excursion to the moon, and through this journey will we not only discover more about ourselves, but we will learn where we truly came from and find the sister planet that was created for us by the Gods to move to when the time was right. The time is now. Action is being taken. People are already starting to realize that there isn't much more to be done on Earth, and we should go out and find new things. I say let's do it! Until next time, -Olivia

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