Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning Time

Somedays I wake up to the dream of life and am completely silent in my mind, all the crickets are chirping and the birds singing and it's as if I am snow white running through the forest waiting for something awesome to happen. Somedays I wake up with a million and one thoughts running through my head, and today was one of those mornings.

I would first like to start off with the fact that I haven't been very clear in my communication to the blogging world, and I want to perfect my writing so I can reach as many people as possible. I am learning much through the introspective process of studying The Self through meditation, yoga, and introverted thinking; not saying much about what's going on in my head... When I come and sit down to write I am aiming towards an audience who understands exactly what language I am speaking and where I am coming from, however I am quickly realizing that there isn't much progresson because people don't know what I'm talking about. I need to find a good starting point for people who are completely unaware; taking a more simplistic approach.

We are all born into a certain family, and through our years of growing up with them we begin to see the things they deem as right or wrong, good or bad, yes or no and because our family is our main source of proof that we are actually existing in this Time and Space, we take what they say and we install it into our harddrive called our brain. Now most of what you have learned by the time you're five years old you will have already forgotten by your birthday, but that does not mean they are not still there. The subconscious is where they go, and that's where they will stay if you want them to. I would confidently say that over half of the population in 2013 has come from a broken home, and even if there are no problems in your family there are still problems within your life. Would you all not agree? I was one of those people, stressed about my future, money, marraige, where I was going in life, what I was going to be doing until I freed my mind. I was lucky enough to realize that something was wrong with me before it was too late and I had no chance of turning back. I can't really tell you the time, minute, second, day or year that I woke up to God but I do know that Its presence and essence are what have created my life today. It was through this awakening to the One Life that I began to realize that life didn't have to be hard, in fact it was made to be easy. Through many of translations of the Bible (on purpose, but we won't go into conspiarcy theories today) what Jesus was attempting to communicate to his people was lost; but nothing can ever be lost forever... or really at all. More so, misinturpreted as a means of mind control based on the population of undereducated people. Luckily Jesus knew what he was saying when he told his people that he would be back, but they would not know the time, day, year, or month of his arrival. Since is departure Jesus has been arriving through millions of people across the country (minus the local media stations, or anything in popular culture) and showing them the way into the gates of Heaven. I am one of those chosen few pepole. At such a young age I am now able to experience the life Christ created as well as the Buddha, Mahommad, and before any of them the gods who came down to establish Heaven for the One Life. We are called the Indigo Children, and we are not a myth, we are real. We are here to restore Heaven, to re-create the magic of life, to save the world for all of our brothers and sisters in humanity! Through this blog and through you reading this we are being noticed, we are regaining our power and taken back what was originally are's anyway. I highly suggest that everyone and anyone who reads this blog and has more questions as to how to become an enlightened being and awaken to the true potential of the self they walk a spiritual path; open your mind to all that's out there, release all boundaries your parents set up for you out of love, now is the time for us to explore what's out there and find out what's really good for us!

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