Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mother Earth

I want to create and destory, create and destroy. I want to build, and rebuild, build and rebuild. I am a monster. I am a princess. I am a beauty. I am a beast. I'm not too sure if anybody can or will ever understand me, and I'd like to keep it that way. There are many names for me. Some call me God, others the Universal power, but I truly go by the name of Mother Earth. Whatever you think my power is, let me tell you really what I hold over your heads. I am a feminine energy. The aliens are the masculine energy. They came down here rape my body for valuables. Fortunately enough they ended up falling in love with the beautiful world I had created, and stayed for a while. My daughters were in awe of the beauty they were seeing as well. These people with magical powers, ripped bodies, and a gential toy unlike any they had ever seen before; and that's where the repopulating began, and thus the mind was born. The two parts work well together, and are in complete unision as long as you can recoginze the power both hold over you; I can make you drop dead at any second if you allow your mind to take over me. Through you I live. I gave you a body to feel the phenomenion of what's ACTUALLY going on. All of the answers you need are laying in your vehicle, just look around. You need me. Your soul needs me. Your mind needs me. Do not be fooled however; I need you as well. Without the mind and the soul I would be Death. Work with me. Listen to me. Care for me. Help me deal with all these twists and turns I feel. If you listen to me, if you feel me, I'll guide you in your healing process. Pay attention to the pains and pleasures you feel. Understand the power of the mind; watch your thoughts. Care for your mind as much as your body. Rely on your soul to tell you who you REALLY are... Because unfortunately my dear children, your body is owned by me and you cannot take it with you when you go back to your Father in the sky. You are down here to heal all the damage that has been done. I do not blame you, for I allowed this to happen, but I am now taking my power back. I CAN AND WILL destory you all if you do not perform for me. And that's the truth. I know many of you hear me, and are performing the gift your Father gave you to help me heal. Our love affair is incomprehensible. If you understand unconditional love you'll understand there is no logical answer for it. We share our love story with you, so you can have a love story of your own. In due time all of the answers to your questions will be revealed, and my true story of how I was created will be told.

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