Friday, March 8, 2013


One minute I'm a homeless girl in Southern California studying about God with a 40 year old rainbow kid, and the next I'm a 22 yeear old working girl living with my best friends in a one bedroom apartment and going back to school. The settings are different, the lessons are easier, but the mission is still the same; love. I've been through quite a few transformations within the past 8 months and let me tell you, I'm not the person you think I was, you think I am, or who you think I'm going to be. In fact, if you haven't seen me, you probably don't know me. If you have seen me, but have yet to transform your perception of me, then you're probably still looking at the same ol' Olivia you knew 8 months ago. But here's the thing, nobody stays the same. Everyone changes, and it's always a positive change. Change is a positive energy (scientificially right? You have to have a positive charge to change something), and if you go with the flow of the change you'll preceive the results as positive. However, if you're like most humans and are terrified of change you'll resist, resulting in negative outcomes for yourself. There is a way to make life a lot easier than many think it should be. I've found the way, I want to share the way with all who want to listen, and I want to communicate it to all people on all levels of life. Life is a joureny, and the journey always leads back to the one place we can call home, and that home is with God. The transformations we go through are important to our journey back home, we learn the most about ourselves, our souls, and God through this body and this mind. We were hand picked for this life, and we should appreciate every transformation we go through, because it's for a reason.

The homeless girl in Southern California didn't know why she ended up that way, and she didn't care; despite her resistence to the changes, she quickly learned it was going to happen anyway so she might as well roll with the punches. When that girl got to Portland, OR she was ready to be honest with herself, and when she was she was able to come home. I was that girl, no longer does she exist in this time and space, the new Olivia is here. I'm 22 years old, I work at Noodles and Compnay, and I'm going to be going to massage school in August. Life gave me a chance to hit the pause button so I could understand life and its transformations, because at the time they were all happening way too fast for my taste and I couldn't multi-task fast enough to understand what was going on.

A dove sat outside my window this morning. I heard the calls of the beautiful bird, I thought it was an alarm. "what's the noise" I asked. Kalika answered "it's a dove". I hopped out of bed and jumped with joy! The Decent of the Dove was here. I had finally found the dove I had been looking for! Dove's are a part of the power animals that are animal spirit guides. Doves represent serenity. In the book Power Animals "Conncecting to your Spirit Animal Guide" the author explains the Dove's message to humans, it goes a little something like this.

"My power is obviously not in my diminutive stature, shyness, or silly walk- niether is yours. Yet it's a type of power that surpasses the illusory power of anger, aggression, vengeance, greed, competition, and spitefulness. Even though it's quieter, gentler, and not always immediately apparent, it's the most potent force that any human being can experience. Yeah, you got it. Love. It's much simpler to love than most humans imagine, what with your ways of complicating what's true, right, and natural. You just do it. Let your love shine, and don't forget this part- let others love you. A lot of humans forget that to complete a circle you need something coming back to you, which love will. You just have to be ready to recieve it. In order to be able to do so, you have to open your heart and empty out any thoughts or feelings of blame, shame, or judgment. I'll help you release whatever prevents you from feeling the serenity and joy that results from making peace and harmony your number one priority. Please acknowledge and even appreciate the shawdows, but don't lose yourself in them or act them out. Shine the light of the Holy Spirit on them, and know all is well. I love you. We all love you".

As I read this out loud to my roommates I realized I had reached an amazing check point in my life; I had finally released all the guilt, blame, shame, anger, saddness I had from the past and am now loving myself fully. It's something to share because once you love yourself 100%, you can love others no matter the circumstance. It is easy to forget that Love is always number one, and even when we are in transitional periods, love always remains. I love you blogettes, have a good one out there! And remember, stay in the love and in the light, all the details will take care of themselves. Until Next Time, -Olivia

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