Saturday, March 2, 2013


Flow. Innovation. Creativity. Writing. Putting words together to create an imaginative story. Pressure to perform for my audience. Force from the world to have my voice be heard. Wanting my voice to be heard. Attempting to find the right words to explain my perception. Needing money. Accepting money. Making money out of thin air. Positive affirmations. Rebirth. Death. Transformation. All That Is. Explaining that we are God. Using magic to create my world. The power lies within us. Being a female. Accepting male energy. Continuing forward. Re-creating everything in a positive way. Destroying creative blocks. Loving myself fully. Gaining knowledge. The ephaninies to remember, to attempt to explain. You can’t write it all down. Maybe I should go the other way. Create from within. Find my imaginative side and dream up a story that can collaborate with my life story, thus creating a fantasy. Focusing on my goals. Accepting the way I choose to create my life. Finding new directions. Making decisions. So many choices. Wanting to see all of my options. Disorder. Order. Calamity. Chaos. Listening to myself. Watching for the signs. Mother Earth. Gaia. Go this way. Believing in my creative power. Knowing that I am a famous writer. Accepting that I am a magnificent writer. Accepting that my voice NEEDS to be heard. . Accepting money for my voice. Appreciating my family. Appreciating life. Appreciating my gifts. Knowing where to begin. Deciding where to begin. I start here. I start now.

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