Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Past

It's over But the lingering of the time well spent still exists By speaking of the past are we re-creating its existence? Can we let go of the memories and continue to still live on? The past is with us because we want to know what happened was real. Of course it was. Right? Or was it all one big dream? The movie of life continues to twist and turn it's way around the tracks Up, up, up and then the Big Finish Will I be coming back? Maybe. Who Knows. They say life is short. But HELL NAH. Heaven is eternal. Life is eternal. We are eternal beings. We can neither be created nor destroyed We just ARE. All That Is. The trees constitute our existence They don't have to ask the questions we do, though. They know they're real. Trees are Truth. The scar on my chest reminds me of the time I had a couple friends I was there, we did it, and it happened And now I'm here, and I'm doing it, and it's happeneing. All I want to do is hit the pause button. WE'RE GOING TOO FAST. It's all going to be over soon! I might as well enjoy the ride while I'm on it though. The present moment is the power moment The power moment decides your future moment Re-create the same perception, or let it go and allow the One to create for you.

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