Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taking Action

Taking action.
Applying what I know to my life, creating my world through my thoughts.
Sharing my knowledge with the masses; everybody deserves to know.
Set yourselves free from the mental slavery that was put upon you with no mistake.
Now is the time to express yourself creatively, spread your messages of love in any way you want to!
Allowing the magic to unfold, pushing forward, ignoring the road blocks, finding a way around them.
Letting go, dying every day.
God is living through me in every way.
Having a direction, seeing how the past created my present, which is creating my future.
Only exisiting in one time and space, but the details are so important to see.
Enhancing my senses, using them to my advantage.
Taking back what was mine in the first place, sharing my message of freedom with all that is around me.
Balancing my chakras, taking deep breaths.
Meditating to find out the answers that I want.
Getting in touch with my spirit, discovering more and more each day.
Learning to communicate my message of love, hope, peace, and harmony in all the languages of the world.
Speaking with my body, knowing how she moves and works.
I am safe to exist in this time and space.
I am safe to take action in the way that I want to.
Words are magic; if you think it, it MAY happen, if you say it, it WILL happen...
we always have the capacity to change anything we don't like in the present moment through positive affimations, faith, and trusting the process of life.

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