Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Journey to Love:

“I write” she said putting her pen to her lips. I couldn’t help but find the undertone in her voice when she said this. Who was this woman? More importantly why was I so intrigued to speak to her. I took a sip of my tea and set it back down on the table. Her blonde hair made her baby blue eyes pop out, and the red lipstick didn’t help make my half-erected penis any less inclined to be used. I adjusted my crotch. “eemmm… excuse me. What do you write” there was a frog in my throat, of course. It always happened when I was hitting on attractive women. There was just something about them, and I didn’t know what it was. As if I had to talk to them, just to get them in the bed with me… when I would have rather just walked up and said “hey, do you wanna fuck?” and that be that. But women, they like the idea of romance. They always wanted to be wooed and awed and mind blown by the men who wanted to flop around inside them… it was their way of testing us to see if we were worthy. The experience of sex was probably more intense for them, though. Something I would never experience, but I didn’t mind. I wanted to experience it this way as a man in this lifetime, so I’m rolling with the punches. “Erotica, mostly. Have you read 50 shades of grey” Was she being serious? My dream woman WRITES EROTICA. Me and the man downstairs had come into an agreement, we would only have sex with women who were intelligent, because there needed to be something to talk about at breakfast. “yes, yes I have… um, pretty intense book”. I became more comfortable and scooted my chair closer to her. I touched her leg under the table. She didn’t flinch. We had only been talking for one hour, and she hadn’t rejected any of my smooth lines. As I lay my hand on her thigh suddenly there was a huge smack in the Crown Chakra from God. Shot out of this reality; I stayed cool. She was really digging me, and I didn’t want any spirits coming down ruining the one night stand I was about to have. I remained calm. “So, you wanna get out of here” she said leaning forward and pursing her lips. I nodded. We got up and started walking toward our cars. I knew that I had to take what the spirits were going to tell me, and there was no fighting listening to them anymore. I activated my Root Chakra to remain grounded and entered my Heart Chakra to connect with my soul. The conversation started within my head. “There is a difference between lust and love my friend… you have been able to mistake the two for quite sometime, but now you’re getting older… you want to settle down. But you don’t know how to do it. Here is the crash course” I didn’t bother asking which spirit I was talking to, it didn’t really matter, I knew that it was here to help me. “Lust is for the devil, it’s his form of love. He uses it to get what he wants from people, which is their positive energy; you see God gave the Devil all reign over this 3 dimensional plane, and he took as much as he possibly could. He understands that he can never have anybody’s soul, because he is not God… but he can have a lot of power in the moment if you choose to obey him.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The devil was actually a real spirit? “Yes, yes the devil is real… but not in the way he is described by people these days. He does much for us, really”. The girl I had just left with started mumbling something or other about how she needed new shoes, I nodded and continued listening to the spirit. “you don’t really need this girl, anyway. She’s a beauty alright, but you’re looking for love right?” Hmmm… “yes” I said out loud as if I were answering the girl. “God is Love. God can show you love. You need to open your heart and your sexuality to love. It is the one thing the devil will never be able to give you, which sucks for him! He’s dammed here forever! Go this way, the way of the enlightened, be with God, shine the light on all you see. Trust me, young grasshopper, it’s the way to go” I knew this spirit was right. I needed to find out more about God and how it was possible for me to shine the light on the darkness of the world. “Hey, I just realized I have some important things to tend to… maybe another time” she was startled as I walked away “Uhh… bye!” I said. And that’s where my journey began… the quest to understand Love and where it came from.

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